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Date: 2009
A magazine page from Glenmary Challenge containing an image of Elizabeth Jabaley and Isaac Thomas Isaac holding Marsha El-Khouri for her baptism Mission Glenmary_s_wm.jpg

Date: October 1971
A photograph in the Copper City Advance newspaper of Father Nicholas Shibley, Maria Shibley, Georgette Shibley, and John Shibley. A note on the newspaper states "Cousins of: Uncle William Jabaley." city advance_1971_cousin of william jabaley_pic_crop_wm.jpg

What looks to be a luggage tag listing Joe's name and address

A business card for the Khouri's Department Store

Andrews Chamber of Commerce By-Laws Chamber of Commerce By Laws.pdf

Date: 2012
A card detailing biographical information and the funeral details for Joseph El-Khouri. On the front is an image with a quote. card_front_2012_wm.jpg

First Personality of the Week article about Joe's life and a story about his wedding day. Journal_wedding story_1967_crop_wm.jpg

Date: October 1981
Newspaper column which mentions Anthony and Catherine El-Khouri visited their parents, Joe and Rose El-Khouri. Journal_Notes_1981_children visit (2)_crop_wm.jpg

Article about Joe El-Khouri being appointed chairman of the International Exchange Committee of the North Carolina Lions Club Council. Journal_Joseph picked for state committee_1966_crop_wm.jpg

Date: October 1966
Article regarding the Andrews PTSA Harvest Sale auction where Joe El-Khouri served as auctioneer. JOurnal_Harvest Sale_Oct 27 1966_crop_wm.jpg

An undated photograph of Joseph and Rose El-Khouri taken at their anniversary party. A young boy stands in front of Joe. Maroun and Rose Isaac4_wm.jpg

An article published in The Andrews Journal about Joseph El-Khouri's attendance of the Small Business Conference and the resolutions passed there. (Folder 12-34)
Khouri 12-34 Article_wm.tif

A letter from Loretta Bub to Joseph El-Khouri with possible leads to locate a woman named "Tamine" he was searching for. (Folder 4-31)
Khouri 4-31 Letter_wm.pdf

A pamphlet outlining the installation ceremony for Lions officers presided by Joseph El-Khouri. (Folder 4-30)
Khouri 4-30 Program_wm.pdf

Date: Unknown
A document against the impact of "Bottle Bills." (Folder 4-29)
Khouri 4-29 Pamphlet_wm.pdf

Date: Unknown
A scrap of paper with the contact information of Liliane Farah. (Folder 4-27)
Khouri 4-27 Note_wm.tif

Date: Unknown
A pamphlet concerning the services offered by the Good Shepherd Home Health Agency. (Folder 4-26)
Khouri 4-26 Pamphlet_wm.pdf

Date: Unknown
A list of members of the Diocesan Pastoral Council. Joseph El-Khouri is listed as a member of the Waynesville Deanery. (Folder 4-25)
Khouri 4-25 List_wm.pdf

A letter to members of the diocesan pastoral council (Joseph El-Khouri) concerning an upcoming meeting and the constitution of the council. (Folder 4-24)
Khouri 4-24 Letter_wm.pdf

Minutes from a meeting of the Diocesan Pastoral Council (which Joseph El-Khouri was a member) including a progress report from the "Respect Life" committee. "Folder 4-22)
Khouri 4-22 Meeting_wm.pdf

Minutes from the meeting of the Glenmary Sisters advisory council, which Joseph El-Khouri was a member of. (Folder 4-21)
Khouri 4-21 Meeting_wm.pdf

Letters concerning Joseph El-Khouri's business related to the Church. (Folder 4-20)
Khouri 4-20 Letters_wm.pdf

Letter from the Glenmary Sisters Home Nursing Service to board members concerning hiring more nurses. (Folder 4-19)
Khouri 4-19 Letter_wm.pdf

Date: May 8. 1975
Minutes from the meeting of the Glenmary Sisters advisory council, which Joseph El-Khouri was a member of. (Folder 4-18)
Khouri 4-18 Meeting_wm.pdf
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