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Date: undated
Six people, five women and one man, standing behind a counter, in two groups of three, in a diner smiling at the camera. Four women wear the same employee uniform. In each group of three, between the women in uniform, stands someone in formal…

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Date: 1918 June 14
United States of America certificate of naturalization, number 960022, for Peter Aledo Parker at age 23. Parker is described as 5' 5", "white" in "color," "dark" in complexion, and without any visible distinguishing marks. He is unmarried and has no…

Certificate of honorable discharge for Peter A. Parker, First Sergeant of Company M (1000), 119th Infantry on 20 March 1919 at Baltimore, Maryland. Issued by the Department of the Army on 7 March 1950 by order of the Secretary of the Army. Signed by…
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