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Date: 2005 July 20
A handwritten letter from Bill (William S. Elias) to Jim and Barbara complimenting them on the party that was thrown in honor of George and Nell Kahdy.

Date: 2005 July 11
A handwritten card from Mettrie Lari to her mother Barbara Estes in which she mentions spending Barbara's birthday with her in Highlands, North Carolina. She sends early birthday wishes and thanks her for her support. Dated July 11, 2005.

A card from Nell and George Kahdy to Barbara and Jim Estes wishing them a good time in Arizona. She also talks about the weather and how she's grateful for the communication she has with her children and grandchildren. Dated February 7, 2004.

Date: 2002 July 16
A handwritten card from Nell Kahdy to her daughter Barbara Estes in which she thanks her for the gifts she sends. She also reminisces about how thankful she is to have had such wonderful children. At the bottom there are two notes. One is from George…

A forwarded email from Mettrie to her mother from an Israeli student who had coincidentally met Barbara at the Highlands Fall Country Club in Highlands, North Carolina. He mentions that with her help, he was able to gain admission into Mississippi…

Date: 2002
Folder from Aunt Virginia containing negatives of Marta and Habib Sawaya. In a note to Barbara Estes from Ginny regarding the negatives, she asks Barbara to hang on to them. Negatives of Marta and Habib in which Martha is standing next to Habib who…

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Date: 2001-2002
A signed holiday card from Barbara Estes's ESL class to Barbara Estes. This class was held at the Highlands Falls Country Club in Highlands, North Carolina. Caption on the back reads, "Barbara's ESL class of HFCC 2001-02."

Date: 2001 July 20
A letter from Anne Tyler to Nell Kahdy in which she is overjoyed to have heard from Nell. She reflects on her education from Needham Broughton and says she thinks it provided a better education than current schools. Dated July 20, 2001.

Date: 1990s
Nell Kahdy sits in between two unknown women as she smiles. They are all wearing formal attire as they sit on a brown couch.


Date: 1990s
George and Nell Kahdy smile as they hold hands and dance. They are both wearing formal attire as they dance by other couples.

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Date: 1990s
Nell Kahdy and an unknown woman walk side by side on a boardwalk next to the ocean. They are both carrying large bags and behind them stands a large boat named Romanza.

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Date: 1980s
The Kahdy family poses on the stairs in casual clothing. The back of the photo lists the name of each family member in the photo and that this was located in Raleigh during the late 1980s.

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Date: undated
A gathering of the entire Kahdy family posed on the stairs. Caption on the back reads, "Entire Kahdy family before grandchildren."


Date: 1999 July 14
A handwritten card from George Jr., Martha, Kathryn, and Kristin Kahdy wishing Barbara Estes a happy birthday. It seems to have originally been accompanied with a gift. The card also mentions that their mother, Nell Kahdy, seems to be doing better…

Date: 1999
An email exchange between Mettrie Lari and her mother Barbara Estes in which they discuss Mettrie's friend who recently had her first child, Mettrie's adjustment to life in New York, and her vacation to California.

Date: 1995
George Jr., Georgette, Barbara, George, and Nell Kahdy smile and pose together in formal clothing. Back caption lists the names of the family members in the photo.

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Date: 1990s
Kristin and Kathryn Kahdy posing together in matching pink and orange outfits.

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Date: circa 1990s
The Kahdy family poses outside of a beige and white house. They are all smiling and are dressed in casual clothing.

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Date: 1989
A portrait of George Jr., Kristin, Kathryn, and Martha Kahdy together. They are all smiling and wearing semi-formal clothing. Caption on the back reads, "Our church photo."

Date: 1980s-1990s
Nell Kahdy stands on the porch of her and George's house in a blue and white dress. In front of her stand several trees and bushes that obscure her somewhat. Caption on the back reads, "805 Runnymede rd Raleigh. Nell on first porch 80s or 90s."


Date: 1980s-1990s
The Kahdy family poses outside on wooden benches. On the right side of the photo, it appears that a picture of George Kahdy has been cut out and placed next to Nell Kahdy.

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Date: 1986 June 30
A handwritten card from Nell Kahdy to her daughter Barbara Estes and Barbara's husband Jim. She talks about her time in France and the variety of people that she meets while there.

Barbara Estes's passport after her last name changed to Estes.

A report card from Mettrie Lari's time at the Lovett School located in Atlanta, Georgia. Dated December 5, 1985.

Date: 1985 July 10
A handwritten card from George Kahdy to his daughter Barbara Estes. In this card, he sends his congratulations after Barbara sent news that her and Jim Estes were to marry. He talks about the weather and the event that Nell Kahdy is putting together…
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