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Date: 1964
Article titled "70 High School Students From Raleigh To Study in France, Austria and Spain," regarding Nell Mettrey Kahdy taking students to study in Europe.

Date: 1966
Article from February 5, 1966, in The Atlanta Constitution titled "American Pupils Abroad Heard Just French

Date: undated
Article in The Raleigh Times, "Around the world in 80 ways," about Nell Kahdy's teaching career and how she began the annual European trip for students. Likely published in the 1970s or 1980s.

Date: 1960s
Nell Kahdy responds to accusations of ethical issues relating to the Foreign Studies program

Date: 2003
Article titled "Macon's Syrian Peddler" written by Barbara McRae for the "Know Your County" column in January 7, 2003.

Date: 1960s
Article from "This Week's Salute" in The Raleigh Times (Women's World section) about Nell Mettrey Kahdy's teaching career and style.

The News and Observer Article "Mother of Three Has Workable Philosophy", Raleigh, N.C, November 30, 1959.

Date: 2012 June 06
Article published on July 6, 2012, about George Kahdy at 90 years old flying in an AT-6, his first flight since 1946.

Date: circa 1960s
Article titled "Students Strike Out on Their Own" in The Raleigh Times. The article quotes Nell Kahdy regarding an independent study program. Most likely published in the 1960s.

Date: 1962 June
Brochure for 1962 Europe Tour with Mrs. Nell Kahdy. $986/student for 5 week trip, June 16-July 21 1962.

Date: circa 2000s
A card from Mettrie Lari that refers to a trip that her mother Barbara and Jim Estes went on. The outside of the card is a side note from Mettrie Lari wishing Barbara Estes a happy Mother's day.

A card from Nell and George Kahdy to Barbara and Jim Estes wishing them a good time in Arizona. She also talks about the weather and how she's grateful for the communication she has with her children and grandchildren. Dated February 7, 2004.

A forwarded email from Mettrie to her mother from an Israeli student who had coincidentally met Barbara at the Highlands Fall Country Club in Highlands, North Carolina. He mentions that with her help, he was able to gain admission into Mississippi…

A handwritten birthday card from Georgette Kahdy to her sister Barbara Estes. It details how much Georgette values Barbara and mentions a future trip they are taking together. Dated December 2013.

Date: 2011 June 30
A newspaper clipping of Barbara Estes and her two grandchildren, Nora and Price Colussy-Estes. The bottom of the photo states this was after Barbara played Dr. Florence Ravenel in History Live! Published in The Highlander, June 30, 2011

Date: 1950
Adma and Asaf Kahdy with three of their daughters stand in front of a house in what seems to be either fall or winter. Caption on the back reads, "March 1950. Portland, Oregon."

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Adma Kahdy and a group of three other unknown women stand together outside in what appears to be a forest as a man seems to sneak into the photo from behind a tree. Behind them is a commingling group of people.

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Date: 1950
Adma Kahdy and two unknown women stand together as they link arms. The trees in background and the fact that they are wearing overcoats suggests it's either fall or winter.


Date: 1950s
Adma Sawaya Kahdy and Asaf George Kahdy both dressed formally. There are two notes attached that identify them both.

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Date: 1950s
Adma Sawaya Kahdy and Spidie Zaiban stand outside of a house as they pose for the photo. Caption on the back reads, "1950s, Portland, Oregon. Adma Sawaya Kahdy my sittie and her friend Aunt Spidie Zaiban."

Date: 1940s
Adma Sawaya Kahdy George Kahdy's mother, smiling in a formal dress. Caption on the back reads, "Adma Sawaya (Kahdy) from Bteghrine taken either in NC or Ga. George N. Kahdy's mother."

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Date: 1924
Copy of Alexander Maloof's sheet music, contains thirty-five Syrian popular songs.

Date: 1940s
Amelia Mettrey Salem, Salve Bolus, Nellie Mettrey Kahdy, and an unknown woman sit together and form a pyramid. They are on the beach in swimwear and a man with his hands on his hips stands in the background. The back of the photo provides a diagram…


Date: 1947
An unknown man rides a bike down a dirt road in Dhour Choueir, Lebanon. Caption on the back reads, "General view of Dhour-Choueir."

Press release from March 15, 1990, announcing North Carolina Governor Jim Martin's appointment of George A. Kahdy as his senior education advisor.
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