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Letter to Nellie Mettrey informing her of her election as French instructor at Warsaw Public Schools in Warsaw, NC. Date at the top of the letter reads, August 18, 1938.

Date: 1942
Lt. George Kahdy sits on a stool with his hands clasped wearing his United States Army uniform. Caption on the back reads, "Lt. Geo. Kahdy. 1942."

Date: 1944
George Kahdy balances on the wing and holds onto the back window of a plane named "Nell." Caption on the back reads, "George Kahdy named his plane for Nell Mettrey (his wife). Egdin field AFB, Fla."

Date: 1940s
Nell Mettrey standing arm in arm with two unknown women as she holds a letter in her left hand. Caption on the back reads, "Nellie Mettrie far right. Early 1940s."


Date: 1940s
Nell Kahdy and Salve Bolus standing outside in casual clothing as they lean against a wooden fence or railing.


Date: 1940s-1950s
A white envelope that details that George A. Kahdy was in Lebanon sometime around 1947. It also mentions Nellie Kahdy's inability to join him as she was pregnant with George and Georgette at the time, who were born on January 16, 1947. The note also…

Date: 1956
George Kahdy and his mother Adma Kahdy standing next to each other. In the background of the photo it seems like this was taken in the forest while there was a picnic or event was set up. Caption on the back reads, "George and mother 56. Before her…

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Date: 2003
Article titled "Macon's Syrian Peddler" written by Barbara McRae for the "Know Your County" column in January 7, 2003.

Nell Kahdy sits in a blue armchair while her son George Kahdy Jr., father in law Asaf Kahdy, and husband George Kahdy stand behind her in matching black and white tuxedos. Next to the three men stand her two daughters, Georgette and Barbara Kahdy.…

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Date: 2015
Letter from Cyril Taylor of the American Institute of Foreign Study to George Kahdy. The letter addresses Nell's passing and the possibility of creating the Nell Mettrey Kahdy Scholarship for Linguist Scholars.

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Date: 2000s
George Kahdy Autobiography, 2000-2014.

Nell Mettrey Kahdy's Certificate from the Goethe-Institut for studying German Language and Literature from June 27, 1956, to August 27, 1956, issued August 19, 1956.

Press release from March 15, 1990, announcing North Carolina Governor Jim Martin's appointment of George A. Kahdy as his senior education advisor.

Date: 2015 July 06
Nell Mettrey Kahdy Scrapbook copy. The beginning of the book features a letter/speech written by Ronnie. The book itself also features a number of article clippings, notes from other family members, and family photos.

Copy of Crossing the Bar by A.L. Tennyson with a note from a relative of Nell Mettrey Kahdy written on it.

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Lebanon-Syrian American Association Woman's Club Fourth Anniversary Flier, February 11, 1940. Nell Mettrey is listed as performing "Songs in Arabic."

Date: 1924
Copy of Alexander Maloof's sheet music, contains thirty-five Syrian popular songs.

Date: 1960s
Nell Kahdy responds to accusations of ethical issues relating to the Foreign Studies program

Date: 2000s
Nell Kahdy Autobiography, 2000-2014.

Date: undated
Old Lebanese Songs - Phonics by Nellie Mettrey Kahdy for her daughter, Barbara.

Date: 1964
Article titled "70 High School Students From Raleigh To Study in France, Austria and Spain," regarding Nell Mettrey Kahdy taking students to study in Europe.

News Article in The Syrian-Lebanese Star titled "The Mittrys - 800 Years in Construction," page 33, December 1965.

Date: 1966
Article from February 5, 1966, in The Atlanta Constitution titled "American Pupils Abroad Heard Just French

The News and Observer Article "Mother of Three Has Workable Philosophy", Raleigh, N.C, November 30, 1959.

Date: circa 1960s
Article titled "Students Strike Out on Their Own" in The Raleigh Times. The article quotes Nell Kahdy regarding an independent study program. Most likely published in the 1960s.
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