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Date: 1963-10-22
A receipt written in Italian from Registri Buffetti, dated 22 October 1963.

Date: March 1914
An immigration record issued in Naples, Italy, on March 27 1914, for a journey to New York. The record, likely a ticket, was issued to Saud [?] [Saa?].

Date: 1912
An immigration record for an A[?] Selim indicating prepaid passage on the Austro-American line in 1912. On the back, handwritten in pencil, is "Arrived October 17, 1912 at New York."

Date: May 22, 1967
Copy of the letter sent to Victor Ventre, the Lions Club Youth Exchange Chairman in Paris, regarding the American student to be sent there. The letter, written by Daniel Torres, is in multiple languages and was also sent to Eros W. Pitts, Joseph…
Khouri 3-15 letter_wm.pdf
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