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A letter from Joseph Attallah who assures his father, Nadim, about his classes, and shares greetings from family in Lebanon. The letter or note is written on an envelope addressed to Najla Attallah. Undated

A letter from Krouger Attallah who sends greetings to family and asks why he hasn't received letters from Father Tobia. Undated

Envelope to As'ad Darouiche from Father Tobia

Language notes written on scrap paper

A card addressed to Kail Ellis from Carlos, undated

A letter from E. de Mulinen to Ameen Rihani, undated. Letter is a fragment and is missing pieces.

A letter from Emile Maklouf, on behalf of La Revue Du Liban et de L'Orient Mediterraneen to Ameen Rihani, undated.

An address card for As'ad Darouich Zacharias [As'ad Zakaria] in Para, Brazil.

An envelope addressed to As'ad Darouich Zacharias in Para, Brazil

Envelope to 'Frere' Raphael Traucouir

Envelope to Krouger Attallah from Father Tobia Attallah

A passport for Deebey [Dibio] Sofeir (11 years old) and brother Saabeh Sofeir (9 years old), issued by The Department of Public Security in Egypt and containing a photograph of the children. It contains a number of stamps indicating that the children…

An immigration record from Marseille, France, created on September 16, 1911. The record lists Alice Abdalla [born 1894] as immigrating at age 17 in 1911. On the back of the record there are a series of questions with information including: her…

An immigration record, produced in Marseille, France on September 15, 1910. It lists Rosa Bon Assaby as 17 years old and her destination as Lawrence, Massachusetts. The back lists information more information that states she can read and write, is…

Date: October 1913
Certificate of Vaccination for an 18-year-old immigrant given in Marseille, France, on October 1913. The name, written in pencil, is illegible. He departed from Beirut and arrived in Marseille. Created by the Messageries Maritimes a French shipping…

Date: October 1912
This record, produced in Marsille, France on October 24, 1912, gives information about the immigration of Nassib Assad. It provides his age as 17, his birthdate as 1895, and immigration date as October 24, 1912. The back of the document states that…

Date: October 1910
Contract for transportation by sea by the Transatlantic General Company out of Marseille. Phillipe Hatem was travelling to New York and left on October 22, 1910. The liner he was travelling on was called the Florida [Floride]. The back of the…

An immigration record for Faride Fahajoun issued on November 15, 1913, and stamped by the Georges Bousquet in Marseille, France. It is a pink tag from the S.S. Germania of the Fabre Line.

An immigration record, produced in Marseille, France on November 8, 1913. It lists Melhem Beseybes as 20 years old. The documet also states that Beseybes left for Chicago. The back of the document has information that states that Beseybes was Syrian,…

Date: May 22, 1967
Copy of the letter sent to Victor Ventre, the Lions Club Youth Exchange Chairman in Paris, regarding the American student to be sent there. The letter, written by Daniel Torres, is in multiple languages and was also sent to Eros W. Pitts, Joseph…
Khouri 3-15 letter_wm.pdf

Date: May 1920
Permission of travel document issued on May 3, 1920. The front of the document states that Louis Bou-Sarhal was 21, a resident of Hammana, Lebanon, was travelling to the United States, and his father's name was Boutros Bou-Surrhal. The back lists…

Date: May 1912
Contract for transportation by sea for Nicola Nazria who was 16 and her 11 year old sister Nabeha Nazria. They were going to New York and were departing on June 1, 1912. The back of the document states that Nicola was Syrian, was travelling to Dover,…

Date: May 1912
Contract for transportation by sea by the transatlantic general company out of Marseille, created on May 30, 1912. Mary M. Mahboub Bistany was travelling to Lawrence, Massachusett, was 16, and was on board the liner named Florida [Floride]. The back…
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