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A letter from Joseph Attallah who assures his father, Nadim, about his classes, and shares greetings from family in Lebanon. The letter or note is written on an envelope addressed to Najla Attallah. Undated

A letter from Krouger Attallah who sends greetings to family and asks why he hasn't received letters from Father Tobia. Undated

Envelope to As'ad Darouiche from Father Tobia

Language notes written on scrap paper

A card addressed to Kail Ellis from Carlos, undated

A letter from E. de Mulinen to Ameen Rihani, undated. Letter is a fragment and is missing pieces.

A letter from Emile Maklouf, on behalf of La Revue Du Liban et de L'Orient Mediterraneen to Ameen Rihani, undated.

An address card for As'ad Darouich Zacharias [As'ad Zakaria] in Para, Brazil.

An envelope addressed to As'ad Darouich Zacharias in Para, Brazil

Envelope to 'Frere' Raphael Traucouir

Envelope to Krouger Attallah from Father Tobia Attallah

Date: undated
Note printed from Assad Logaib given alongside souvenir.

Date: undated
Three currency bills: two from Lebanon and one from Syria.

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Date: undated
Hail Mary card written in Arabic. Arabic text reads that recitation of the phrase "peace be on you oh mother of mercy and benevolence" will forgive its reciter for 100 days each time the phrase is read.

Date: undated
Copy of a birth record issued by the City of Boston Registry Department certifying that Ethel Shukrallah, child of Najeeb and Mary Shukrallah, was born on December 2, 1896.

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Date: undated
An identification certificate in Turkish (Ottoman). Year of birth was 1896.

Date: May 22, 1967
Copy of the letter sent to Victor Ventre, the Lions Club Youth Exchange Chairman in Paris, regarding the American student to be sent there. The letter, written by Daniel Torres, is in multiple languages and was also sent to Eros W. Pitts, Joseph…
Khouri 3-15 letter_wm.pdf

Date: May 16, 1967
Letter written in French from Marcel Rechou to Andrews Lions Club President Bruce L. Snyder concerning his son, Alain (Folder 1-19)
Khouri 1-19 Letter_wm.pdf

Lebanese passport of Sam Norman. While his wife, Rose Nader Norman, became a United States citizen, Sam Norman did not.

Date: circa 1921
An application for employment certificate for Bashir Simon to work at Washington Mills. It lists their residence as 27 Pine St., place of birth as Syria, and present age as 14 years.

Date: 2003
An article on the history of Joseph Delore, whose name Delor Ellis is taken from. Article from Les 'Petites Ecoles' du Mont-Liban: Joseph Delore published by Universite Saint-Joseph, Beirut, 2003. The Khayrallah Center does not hold the original copy…

Date: 1968 Feb 2
Studio portrait of a woman. Caption on back reads "Laudi" or "Loudi."


Date: 1958-03-19
A doctor's note from Docteur S. Najm in Beirut, Lebanon. The note is addressed to Kail Kmeid and lists the dates that he has previously visited the doctor, totaling five visits since 5 November 1957.

Date: 1956
A copy of a photograph of Jouhaina Hobeiche with her husband Faraj Joseph and their son Alain, dated 1956.
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