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Date: 1924-12-26
An envelope address to Father Tobia Attallah at Beit Chabeb in Lebanon and has calculations in Arabic numbers on the reverse side, dated December 26, 1924.

Date: 1925-03-05
An envelope addressed to Father Tobia Attallah at Beit Chabeb in Lebanon, dated March 5, 1925.

Date: 1925-03-26
An envelope addressed to Father Tobia Attallah at Beit Chabeb in Lebanon, dated March 26, 1925.

Date: 1939-05-19
A wedding invitation for the marriage of Chekri Bitar and Marie Chaya to be held on May 19, 1939. Kouroussa, Guinea.

Date: 1956
A copy of a photograph of Jouhaina Hobeiche with her husband Faraj Joseph and their son Alain, dated 1956.

Date: 1899-03-18
A holy card depicting Madonna Della Pace (Madonna of Peace), dated 18 March 1899. Inscription on back written in French, including 'Lucerne (Suisse) and dates 18 March 1899 and 19 March 1899.

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Language notes written on scrap paper

Date: 1921
A certificate/diploma for Nasri Fleihan certifying his new rank of Maitre or Master within the Free Masons in June 15, 1921. The document also states he was born in Cyprus in 1891 but moved to Mansourah, Egypt. It is signed by various members of the…

Date: 1921
A masonic identity card in French for Nasri Fuleihan, one side of the document lists information including that it was given by Les Amis du Progres/ Friends of Progres, of the Mansourah order, to Nasri. The other side features stamps for "quarterly…

Date: 1921
A bill of sorts written in French. The title translated is roughly, "in the name and under the auspices of the Great Orient Supreme Conseil for France and French posessions" then the document claims that "Les amis du progres have recieved 500…

Date: 1921-06-15
Same bill as the one above stating that Les amis du progres received one hundred and ninety piastres carif from Nasri Fleihan for his diploma (certificate) and other monthly payments (menusalites). This bill is dated June 15, 1921.

Date: 1921-06-15
Same bill as the one above stating that Les amis du progres received five hundred piastres carif from Nasri Fleihan for his second and third rank in the free masons. It is dated June 15, 1921. The back of the document also has some writing that…

Date: 1918
A photograph of a young child in a studio, the note on the back in French translates to "keepsake/memory to my dear "Parwiian"? M. Harfauche. Mansourah 5-1-1918."

Date: 1910s
Professional photograph of one of Nasri Fuleihan's sisters on a postcard

A professional photograph of a man, "Carte Postale" written on back

A photograph of a man posing in a studio, a note on back written in French that states the postcard is a reminder of the brotherhood and friendship of Nasri Fuleihan.

Date: 1920s
A photograph of Nasri Fuleihan and man sitting at a table

Date: 1931-08-11
A letter from E. (surname illegible) to Ameen Rihani, dated August 11, 1931.

Date: 1939-04-15
Telegram to Ameen F. Rihani from unknown, sent to him at the Hotel Seville, dated April 15, 1939. In French it states that the high commissioner has invited Rihani to visit Spain and French protected Morocco. It asks him to wire his ship name and…

Date: 1926-06-16
A letter to Father Tobia which likely requests certificates of baptism for: As'ad [last name not clear] and Najla Gabriel (married on May 1st, 1926), and Josseph Kalil and Frangier [last name not clear] (married on May 8, 1926). Years and locations…

A letter from Krouger Attallah who sends greetings to family and asks why he hasn't received letters from Father Tobia. Undated

Envelope to As'ad Darouiche from Father Tobia

An address card for As'ad Darouich Zacharias [As'ad Zakaria] in Para, Brazil.

An envelope addressed to As'ad Darouich Zacharias in Para, Brazil

Envelope to 'Frere' Raphael Traucouir
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