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Date: Unknown
Performer: Yūsuf Ḥātim, vocals; Fīlīb Sulaymān, kamanja; Yūsuf Badawī, ʻud.

Date: Unknown
Performer: Naʻīm Simʻān, tenor ; Toufic Moubaid, oud ; Sam Romey, violin

Date: Unknown
Performer: Naʻīm Samʻān, tenor; with Turkish string instrumental accompaniment

Date: Unknown
Performer: Naʻīm Samʻān, tenor; with kanoun, violin, and oud

Date: [2012]
Performer: Naji Hilal (Andrew Shanikovsky)
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Date: Unknown
Letter found with a collection of letters mostly to Joseph Maroun El-Khouri. This letter was not in an envelope. An empty envelope postmarked September 13, 1957 from Albert G. Jacob was in the collection of letters.

Date: Unknown
Arabic document belonging to Joseph Maroun El-Khouri issued by the Embassy of Lebanon.
El-Khouri_Arabic Document1_wm.jpg

Date: 1923
الشواعر الشريفة [The Noble Sentiments] is an edited collection of poems and speeches presented on April 7, 1923 in honor of Silver Anniversary celebration of Al-Hoda [Guidance]; the second half of the text contains material presented at a similar…
The Noble Sentiments_wm_sm2.pdf

Date: 1913
The History of the United States and the History of Syrian Emigration by Basil M. Kherbawi. Though split into two files here for readers' convenience, the two were published as one volume, in Arabic for immigrant readers, in 1913. Kherbawi was the…
history of the united states_wm_red.pdf

Date: 1959
A small (3 x 4.5 inches) pocket notebook with a leatherette cover that belonged to Joseph El-Khouri. The notebook contains handwritten notes in both English and Arabic, likely drafting a speech that Joseph gave for the Kiwanis Club in January of…
El-Khouri_joes notes on a speech_c 1959_wm.pdf

A series of letters between Joseph El-Khouri and others written February 1953 concerning a bond which he executed in the case of Youssef El-Khouri. (Folder 7-1)
Khouri 7-1 Letters_wm.pdf

Date: 1978-1979
A collection of letters from the US Department of Justice and Senator Robert Morgan to Joseph ("Joe") El-Khouri regarding his petitions for relative immigrant visas to enter the United States (Folder 1-5).
Khouri 1-5 Letters_wm.pdf
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