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نسخة من رسالة امين الريحاني الى جرجي باز في 24 ايار 1909*. يبعث الريحاني فيها تحياته واطيب تمنياته الى باز وعائلته. كما انه يعبر عن حالة السوريين في المهجر، اميركا، ويصف "انقسامهم" ليس الحزبي (السياسي) فقط ولكن الديني ايضا - او كما دعاه الرجوع الى…

Date: [2012]
Performer: Naji Hilal (Andrew Shanikovsky)
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Date: 1850s
A bound volume containing emergency passport lists spanning from 1859 to 1920.

Date: 1850s
A bound volume containing emergency passport lists spanning from 1859 to 1920.

Date: 1862-05
A certificate concerning water shares signed by Father Mikhail (spelled Mikheal in document) including the names Ghalib Slaiman Hobeiche (spelled Habeesh in the record) and Archbishop Antoun al Khazen, dated 20 May 1862.

Date: 1893
An Arabic travel journal written by Joseph Oussani detailing his journey from Baghdad, Iraq to the 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition in Illinois. A translation by Leon Bushara is also included in the folder and a photocopy of the original…

Date: 1893
An Arabic letter from Joseph Oussani in Baghdad, Iraq to Chicago, Illinois dated April 20, 1893. A photocopy of the letter is also in the folder.

Date: 1893
The last paragraph of an Arabic letter from Thomas Oussani to his sons, Joseph and Yak. Another paragraph features a letter from John Oussani to brothers Joseph and Yak probably from the same letter, dated September 14, 1893 in Baghdad, Iraq. Two…

Date: 1895
كتاب الغريب في الغرب [Kitab al-Ghareeb fi al-Gharb], or Strangers in the West: The Trip of Mikhail Asad Rustum to America, 1885-1895, was one of the first, if not the first, travelogues about America written by an Arab author. It recounts the…
al-Ghareeb f al-Gharb_sm_wm.pdf

Date: 1896
A letter in Arabic from Joseph Oussani in New York to his parents in Baghdad, Iraq telling them of his marriage to Irish-American Margaret Shea, dated 5 May 1896. Two photocopies of the original, a handwritten English translation by Leon Bushara,…

Date: 1899
خزانة الأيام في تراجم الزمان, contains essays written by Joseph N. Maloof and originally published in the newspaper Al-Ayyam. This collection is comprised of biographical sketches and short histories. Chapters one and two focus primarily on European…
Maloof_1899_Bio of Luminaries_OCR_wm.pdf

Date: 1900
A photograph of Clovis el Khazen, son of the martyr Phillipe el Khazen, undated but likely from the 1900's.

Date: 1900-1939
A scrapbook created by the Ameen Rihani Museum that contains materials written by or about Ameen Rihani from around the world. This includes, but is not limited to newspaper articles, magazine articles, book reviews, poems, pamphlets, programs, and… PDF.pdf

Date: 1901
الكتابات او الملاحظات الاولى لامين ريحاني على شكل يوميات، جاءت بسيطة في الطرح وعميقة في الفكرة - كتبها بخط يده، بتاريخ الحادي عشر من تموز 1901 وحتى الثاني والعشرون من تشرين الثاني 1901. حوت هذه الملاحظات ما كان يخالج نفسه من هموم وافكار شخصية او تخص…

Date: 1902
A certifcate in Turkish (Ottoman) record/certifcate of identification, dated from 1902. The owner is unknown, but the year of birth is 1895.

Date: 1903
Sketches of "The Trilateral Treaty in the Animal Kingdom"

Date: 1903
Memorial Card for Yak Oussani with Arabic around the sides and "In Memorium" printed on the back.

Date: 1904
القلوب المتحدة في الولايات المتحدة, or al-Qulub al-mutahidah fi al-wilayat al-mutahidah [United Hearts in the United States], is by Salim Shahin Sarkis [سليم شاهين سركيس]. It is "the history of Spiridon J. Jeha from Syria and Elizabeth B. Phillips…
1904_Sarkis_United Hearts in the United States.pdf

Date: 1907
نسخة من رسالة امين الريحاني الى عباس البجاني عام 1907. فيها يرسل الريحاني بتحياته وتمنياته الى اسرة البجاني واهله، ويرد على ما جاء في رسالة سابقة من البجاني الى الريحاني حول شكري غانم واحواله مع الحكومة السورية؛

Date: 1908
This self-published volume is a combined travelogue and business directory. It is bilingual, with entries and sections in both Arabic and English. Abdou collected business names and addresses for the directory in his travels and through solicitation.…

Date: 1908
Fāṭima al-Badawiyya [Fatima the Bedouin] is the second novel by 'Afifa Karam. It was publishedin New York City in 1908.
Karam_Fatimah al-Badawiyya_SM.pdf

Date: 1908
نسخة رسالة من امين الريحاني الى يوسف صادر، التاريخ غير مذكور. فيها يذكر الريحاني خواطره عن حجاج فلسطين وعلاقاتهم بالرهبان والاديرة هناك.

Date: 1908-10-28
A letter from Ameen Rihani to Nicola Tabet, dated October 28, 1908.

Date: 1909
Diwan al-Ghareeb fi al-Gharb Part 2, or (ديوان الغريب في الغرب (الجزء الثاني, is a 1909 reprint of Kitab al-Ghareeb fi al-Gharb [Strangers in the West]. This pdf contains only part two of the work, an addendum that includes some text but primarily…
Diwan al-Ghareeb fi al-Gharb 1909 Volume 2wm.pdf

Date: 1909
A letter in Arabic handwritten by Father Khouri Boutrus Najah Boutrus on July 5, 1909. It confirms the baptism of Beshara, son of (first name not clear) Elias Aboud in Saydet El Maounet Church on February 5, 1894. Beshara's godfather was his paternal…
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