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Date: 1939-11-13
A note in Arabic that is dated as November 13, 1939. There is also a note from Nell's father Michael Wehbie who states that he misses her very much and asks that she write back to him whenever she has time. Date at the top of the letter is November…

Date: 1938
A pencil drawing done by the Lebanese artist, Mustapha Farroukh, of Ameen Rihani on September 21, 1938.

Date: 1972
A bronze sculpture by Palestinian artist, Alexander Haddad, of Ameen Rihani's head in profile 1972.

Date: 1903
Sketches of "The Trilateral Treaty in the Animal Kingdom"

Date: 1862-05
A certificate concerning water shares signed by Father Mikhail (spelled Mikheal in document) including the names Ghalib Slaiman Hobeiche (spelled Habeesh in the record) and Archbishop Antoun al Khazen, dated 20 May 1862.

Date: 1926-01
A property sale registration from Wahib Faris Hobeiche (spelled Waheeb Faris Hbeesh) to Toufic Tarrad Kmeid (spelled Toufik Tarrad Kemaide), dated 23 January 1926.

Date: 1927-03
A property document for the Power of Attorney transfer between Rashid Ghalib Bader Hobeiche (spelled Rasheed Ghalib Bader Hbeesh) Namtallah Hobeiche (spelled Nemtalla Hbeesh) and Khalil Bey from Keserwan (Kesrouane) District, Lebanon, dated 16 March…

Date: 1949-09
A letter attesting to the transfer of the Power of Attorney from Angele Ellis to Yousef Hobeiche, dated 5 September 1949.

Date: 1950
A letter sent from Carthage, New York describing Yousef Hobeiche [spelled Yousef Nema Ghalib Hobeich] as receiving Power of Attorney circa 1950's.

Date: 1953-11
A marriage certificate for Angele Ellis from Qattine (spelled Angela, daughter of Cheikh Nehme Ghaleb Hobeish from El-katteen) and Toufic Ellis from Bqaatouta (spelled Toofic Elias Kmayd from Bekahtoota). This certificate is signed by Father Botros…

Date: 1958-08
A document from Walter John Silva, Vice Consul of the United States of America, certifiying the signature of Antoine Atallah, Chief of Section, Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sent from the Republic of Lebanon, Beirut, Embassy of the United…

Date: 1962-04
A baptismal record for Toufic Ellis signed by Father Yousef Barroud, dated 30 April 1962.

Date: 1962-06
A funeral notice for Yousef el Khazen, dated 6 June 1962.

Date: 1976-02
A funeral notice for Zod Nicola Ghazin el Khazen, dated 29 February 1976.

Date: 1979
An article from Meshwar Magazine on the history of the Hobeiche (spelled Hebashe) family in Lebanon circa 1979.

Date: 1993-09
A census record for Angele Ellis and Toufic Ellis, dated 1932, requested for reproduction on 21 September 1993.

Date: 1999-11
Two newspaper articles on the Civil Responsibility, Social Justice, and Governance conference held at Lebanese American University in Beirut, Lebanon., dated 17 November 1999 and 20 November 1999.

Date: 1999-11
A magazine article on the Conference of Civic Responsibility in American Univeristy, Jbeil, titled, "Exchanging Experiences Between Universities", dated 20 November 1999, no author.

Date: 1999-11
A newspaper article written by Pierre Karam and published by Al Anwar,, dated 21 November 1999. The article describes Kail Ellis' position of Dean of Political Science at Villanova.

Date: 1999-11
A newspaper article written by unknown author and published by Ad-Diyar titled, "A Conference on Civil Responsibility, Social Justice, and Governance,", dated 24 November 1999.

Date: 1999-11
A newspaper article written by unknown author and published by Al Anwar titled, "A Conference on Civil Responsibility and Social Justice", dated 20 November 1999.

A newspaper article clipping with a description of Joan of Arc and a description of Jbeil, Lebanon from Al-Hoda newspaper.
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