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نسخة من رسالة امين الريحاني الى جرجي باز في 24 ايار 1909*. يبعث الريحاني فيها تحياته واطيب تمنياته الى باز وعائلته. كما انه يعبر عن حالة السوريين في المهجر، اميركا، ويصف "انقسامهم" ليس الحزبي (السياسي) فقط ولكن الديني ايضا - او كما دعاه الرجوع الى…

Date: 1859-1920
A bound volume containing emergency passport lists spanning from 1859 to 1920.

Date: 1859-1920
A bound volume containing emergency passport lists spanning from 1859 to 1920.

Date: 1862 May 20
A photocopy of a certificate concerning water shares signed by Father Mikhail (spelled Mikheal in document) including the names Ghalib Slaiman Hobeiche (spelled Habeesh in the record) and Archbishop Antoun al Khazen, dated 20 May 1862.


Date: 1872-1905
Diary of Hanna Gaith (Juan Gait) who was from the town of Yabroud, Syria. The diary has 176 pages. In its first 24 pages Hanna wrote about the history of Yabroud and its "Christian inhabitants." (Although at the time he wrote this, two-thirds of the…

A letter from Khalil to his father, Youssuf Raad. He sends his greetings and asks about the family and his father. Khalil asks his father to collect a notice of repayment (bill) from Khawaja Asaad Ibrahim, who will arrive in Lebanon soon. He includes…

Date: 1893
An Arabic travel journal written by Joseph Oussani detailing his journey from Baghdad, Iraq, to the 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition in Illinois. A translation by Leon Bushara is also included.

Date: 1893
An Arabic letter from Joseph Oussani in Baghdad, Iraq, to Chicago, Illinois, dated April 20, 1893. A photocopy of the letter is also in the folder.

Date: 1893
The last paragraph of an Arabic letter from Thomas Oussani to his sons, Joseph and Yak. Another paragraph features a letter from John Oussani to brothers Joseph and Yak probably from the same letter, dated September 14, 1893, in Baghdad, Iraq. Two…

Date: 1896
A letter in Arabic from Joseph Oussani in New York to his parents in Baghdad, Iraq, telling them of his marriage to Irish-American Margaret Shea, dated 5 May 1896. Two photocopies of the original, a handwritten English translation by Leon Bushara,…

A letter of thanks written to Tobia Attallah for his well wishes to the Queen for the wellbeing of her son, written by the Queen of Spain's secretary on October 10, 1896.

An envelope addressed to Mr. Fares Abdallah Karam. Postmarked April 16, 1897 and sent from San Antonio, Texas. In Arabic, it asks to be routed to Beirut and then Amsheet, Lebanon.

A letter from Khalil to his father, sending greetings to his father and family. Khalil informs his father that he lent his cousin [name not clear] 6 liras, and wants his father to take a payment note for one year. He reassures his father about…

A letter from Khalil to Asaad Butrus, sending greetings to all of his family. He apologizes for missing [names not clear] in the station and sends money to his family. To ensure the family receives the money, he asks for confirmation of receipt.

A letter from Khalil to Asaad Butrus, sending greetings to all of his family. Khalil sent Butrus 30 liras through the Ottoman Bank transfer and asks him to write a note and give it to Khalil's father. Khalil requests Asaad to write back when he…

Date: 1900 June 17
A letter from Khalil to Asaad Butrus Raad. After writing greetings to all of the family, Khalil asks the hand of Asaad's daughter, Shafiqa. He asks him to talk with his father about arrangements and details.

Date: 1900 May 10
A handwritten receipt signed by Anton and Sons, dated May 10, 1900. Informing receipt of only 4 French francs (liras, as written in receipt) from Father Tobia Attallah, for the price of [bricks].

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Two letters: One from Aziz & Shafiqa Asaad Butrus Raad to their father confirming the arrival to their cousin Khalil and asking about family and sending their regards. The second letters is from Khalil to his uncle, Asaad, confirming the arrival of…

Date: 1900-07-11
A letter from Ameen Rihani to Charles (no surname), dated July 11, 1900.

Date: 1900-1939
A scrapbook created by the Ameen Rihani Museum that contains materials written by or about Ameen Rihani from around the world. This includes, but is not limited to newspaper articles, magazine articles, book reviews, poems, pamphlets, programs, and… PDF.pdf

Date: 1901
الكتابات او الملاحظات الاولى لامين ريحاني على شكل يوميات، جاءت بسيطة في الطرح وعميقة في الفكرة - كتبها بخط يده، بتاريخ الحادي عشر من تموز 1901 وحتى الثاني والعشرون من تشرين الثاني 1901. حوت هذه الملاحظات ما كان يخالج نفسه من هموم وافكار شخصية او تخص…

A letter from Aziz to his father, Asaad, sending Easter greetings and wishes to family and friends.

A letter from Aziz to his father, Asaad, that includes his greetings to family and friends. Aziz also asks for his father to continue praying for him as he always does.

Two letters: One from Khalil to his uncle, Asaad, apologizing for writing to him late due to work, asking about family and friends, and sending greetings. The second letters is from Aziz to his father, Asaad, telling him about the marriage of Khalil…

A letter from Khalil who sends greetings to his family and friends and tells his uncle that a friend is returning to Lebanon for visit. He also asks his uncle to send a response when they receive the money he sent. Lastly, Khalil asks his father and…
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