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Poem by Shukri Baddour Mourning blackbird of the valley (shahrour alwadi) Asaad Khalil Samaan, from Goldsboro, NC.

Poem by Sulaiman Tebshrani mourning Shukri Baddour, from Columbia, NC.

Death announcement of Shukri Baddour. The address of Mr. Baddour in Goldsboro is provided at the end of the statement to send condolence letters. It is likely to be in alSammeer, because a sentence indicated that after writing these words, the owner…

A poem by Shukri Baddour mourning the blackbird of the valley (sharour alwadi) Asaad Khalil Samaan. In alResala Magazine, vol. 11, no. 191 & 192, p.24.

A poem by Shukri Baddour to encourage people (the public) to donate and help those affected in Palestine, Syria & Lebanon. Explaining the history and unity of these countries. In alResala Magazine, vol. 11, no. 191 & 192, p.23.

Date: April 1936
A poem by Shukri Baddour as a reply to poet Asaad Harb alShemali in in alResala Magazine, vol. 9, no.153, April 10, 1936

A poem by Nema alHaj, dedicated to his deceased freind Shukri Baddour

Date: April 1936
A poem by Shukri Baddour as a reply to Naseeb Salibi earlier friendship poem. Baddour's poem dated April 11, 1936.

Date: March 1936
A poem by Shukri Baddour. the subject of poem: giving positions to those who seek them. other names/nicknames mentioned in the poem: Sheikh Nassour, Elias alFaran (or the baker), alBadawee, Mohammad Sultan, Shadeed, Tarraf Haimour, Samaan the…

Date: October 1938
Short story about a father bought to his son a drum, when it broke they found a paper in it with some latin wordings. it was an ancient piece from the sixteenth century that belonged to the church. In Vol 19, no. 18, name of magazine/newspaper not…

A statement (not complete) from Saint George Hospital to the Lebanon League of Progress in NY, adn published in alHuda newspaper on Saint George Hospital and its history, asking/encouraging people to donate (fundraising).

A poem by Sulaiman Samaan alTebshrani to Shurki Baddour on the occasion of electing him as the President of the Lebanese Syrian American Association in North Carolina in the alResala Magazine, vol 10, no. 159.

Article of condolence to the Itihad newspaper.

Date: October 1938
A piece of newspaper (name not mentioned) telling the good deeds of Shukri Baddour as a person and the President of the Lebanese Syrian American Association in North Carolina. Written by Shukri Beshareh Murad, October 1, 1938 in Wilson, North…

Date: August 1966
A letter from (creator not clear) to Najeeb (last name not clear). The letter is about the inheritance (land) of Abbas Ghustine Baddour. Other names included in letter: Naoum Kabkano, Martha Abbas Ghustine, George Ghali, Shukri Ghustine, Sicilia…

Date: March 1936
Poem to Shurki Baddour expressing friendship sentiments from Naseeb Salibi, asking Baddour to reply from alResala Magazine, vol.9, no.151. March 2, 1936

A poem expressing friendship from one friend to another, missing their travel and social associations

"Photographs of the Mack Arabic family Bible, including detail images of the front and back pages and inscriptions and photographs of the ephemera kept in the Bible at the time of the interviewer's visit to the Mack family.

The two photographs…

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mack_arabic bible 01.jpg

Date: 1915
A bound volume containing remittance lists for British citizens spanning from 1915 to 1916.
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