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Date: March 1910
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Gabreil al Afeesh on March 29, 1910. It confirms the birthdate of Olga daughter of Mousa al Aqal on January 2, 1894. "Olga Moser" is written on the bottom in pencil.

Date: March 1910
Letter handwritten in Arabic by Father Khouri Ibraheem Najah, composed on March 20, 1910. It confirms the birth of George Abdalla in Mount Lebanon on May 12, 1894, based on the information recorded in the baptisim book (records) in the Roman…

Date: March 1910
A letter from a priest, Abraham al Hage, stating that he consulted a copy of the record in the church George Abdalla was baptized in. Abdalla was baptized on May 12th, 1894 in Falougha, Lebanon. This letter was sent for Abdalla's employment and was…
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