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An issue of Mira'at al-Gharb dated December 30, 1913.

An issue of Mira'at al-Gharb dated December 31, 1913.

Contract for transport by sea for Murad Razouk [45] and his family. His family consisted of his 2 sons Hami [25], Navrah [16], a child named Malaheh [3], and a baby named Razouk [2]. The back of the document states that he was Syrian, was travelling…

An Arabic letter handwritten on December 22, 1913. the top portion is written by Rev. Eshahia Kefoury and certifies that Tooma Joseph Zaidan al Kassouf's was baptized on July 5, 1895 by Rev. Ehalia Kefoury. It lists his mother as Helena Zhaib and…
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