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Date: April 1932
A letter from John Batal, MD, written on April 4, 1932, reporting the wishes of Marya Nassif's mother, Katherine Nassif, for her daughter to stay home and help with the housework. The address 309 Oak St. is written on the bottom.

Date: April 1932
A school record for Mary Nassif, born Febraury 1, 1917 and residening at 369 Elm St. It details her studies at Lawrence High School and lists her father's name as Assad Nassif. The record was stamped by L.J. O'Leary of the Lawrence High School on…

Date: April 1932
Vol. 6 no. 07 of the Syrian World published April 1932. The issue opens with an apology discussing how the March issue was never published, and as a result the April issue is longer in order to compensate. The first article featured is by H. I.…
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