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Date: 1990
A photograph (left to right) of Alfreda Ellis, Alfred Ellis, Delor Ellis, Toufic Ellis and Angele Ellis sitting at a banquet table for Toufic Ellis' birthday circa 1990.

Date: 1990
A photograph with a written description by Kail Ellis on the history of the Mar Elias Convent in Ghazir, Lebanon taken circa 1990. The photograph resembles what the convent looked like in the 1920's while it went through renovations in the 1990's to…

Date: 1990
A photograph of a public square in Mazarat al Toufah, Lebanon, where Cecilia and Moussa Domit grew up.
saleh_ Mazarat al Toufah Lebanon 1990_wm.jpg

Date: 1990
A photograph of Mazarat al Toufah, where Moussa and Cecilia Domit grew up, taken from some distance in 1990.
saleh_ Mazarat al Toufah Lebanon_2_1990_wm.jpg
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