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Date: 1921 Sept 7
A handwritten letter from Mary E. Leary, Principal of the Amesbury Street School, on September 7, 1921, certifying that James Hassey was born on February 7, 1907.

Date: 1921 Sept 7
A certificate of promise of employment fo James Hassey at Washington Mills, 276 Hampshire, at factory #5, as a doffer. Issued on September 7, 1921. On the back is a physician's certificate signed by G. Baulley, confirming his ability to work.

Date: 1921 Sept 7
A school record for James Hassey issued on September 7, 1921, that lists his date of birth as February 7, 1907, and residence as 369 Chestnut St. It details his studies as a regular course at the Tarbox School with his last grade completed as theā€¦
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