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An envelope addressed to Father Tobia Attallah.

An address card for As'ad Darouich Zacharias [As'ad Zakaria] in Para, Brazil.

A receipt of 15 liras, Father Tobia Attallah

A page of a letter from Krouger Attallah in Kouroussa.

An envelope addressed to As'ad Darouich Zacharias in Para, Brazil

An envelope to Father Tobia Attallah from N. Bachir in Kaolak, Senegal.

Dated (not available). prices of construction materials.

Payments and debts next to names of people.

Envelope to Father Tobia Attallah

Envelope to Father Tobia Attallah of Sainte Marie Majeure

Envelope to 'Frere' Raphael Traucouir

Envelope addressed to Father Tobia. Title: Les Fils de As'ad Toubia, Beyrouth

Envelope to Father Tobia Attallah

Grocery purchases/debts of Father Tobia

Baptism certificate for Suda George Nassar

Envelope to Krouger Attallah from Father Tobia Attallah

Meaning of 'acting on behalf' [in Arabic]

Purchases and prices

A letter in which Nadim assures Nazha about his health and Krouger's, and informs her that Krouger will probably visit them next year. Kouroussa.

A letter to a Bikfaya government bureau to request an investigation of the illegal cross of Youhanna and Youssef Abu Mousa on the land of (names not available).

A letter draft from Father Butrus Azar, head of Saint Antoine Covent, and Father Tobia Attallah, request allocations/financial aids to their school.

Excerpts about the lives of saints and historical figures. Names included: Constantine I, Ephrem the Syrian, Saint Basil the Great, (last name not clear).

A letter from Nadim who sends Angele 100 francs, 5 liras, tp buy clothes. He pormisses to send his father, Father Tobia, more money. He hasn't received a letter from his father for two years.

Purchases and prices. Name of Father Edward Bu Rachid on last page.

List of names and locations in Africa.
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