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Date: Unknown
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Chirs al Mughabghab on Agust 12, 1909. Confirm baptism of Maryam the daughter of Antoin alHumsey on May 5, 1893 by Father Khouri Philippos alBatal. Her mother is Hana the daughter of Ibrahim Suaib, and…

Date: July 1940
An envelope with Marie Hatem's name and birthdate, June 19, 1907, written on the outside and a note that a passport was given to her on July 1, 1940.

Date: August 1913
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Elias [Last name unclear] on August 15, 1913. It confirms the baptism of Nabih Hatem on July 10, 1896. An english notation on the page states that "Mahiva Hatem" was 17 and 2 months.

Date: March 1911
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Youhanna Maron (last name not clear) on March 25, 1911.It confirms the baptism of Rashid Maron Marie in 1894.

Date: October 1909
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Youssef (last name not clear) on October 11, 1909. It confirms the baptisms of the children of Rasheed Ghassan al Harfi: his son Majeed on March 21, 1900 and daughter Dhab on May 12, 1903.

Date: Ocrober 1913
Arabic letter handwritten by Fatehr Khouri Khalil (last name not clear) on October 15, 1913. It certifies and confirms the baptism of Ayda (or Allia), the daughter of Boutrus Abi Arrajj, on April 5, 1897, by Father Khouri Basileious. Her godmother…

Date: Unknown
Arabic letter handwritten at an unknown date, perhaps composed by Father Khouri Youssef Aoun. It confirms the baptism of Fred Youssef Ghanim Aoun, born in Mt. Lebanon on September 10, 1901, by his father Father Khouri Youssef Aoun.

Date: October 1911
This letter, written from Saghbin, Syria on October 8, 1911, states that Temam daughter of George Aoun was born on May 29, 1895 and was baptized on July 2, 1895. It provides the name of her father, George Aoun, and her godmother Mrs. Handouma Khalil…

Date: August 1910
This record, produced in Marseille, France, on August 25, 1910, gives information about Kalil Joseph Assid's immigration in 1910. It provides his age as 17, and birthdate as August 8, 1903. The back of the document gives information about him: he…

Date: Unknown
This letter, handwritten in both Arabic and English, certifies Seraf Aown's birthdate as July 21, 1896 and baptism on November 26, 1896. His home town is listed as Saghbeen, Syria. It lists his father as Faras Nekowla Elias Aown, and his mother as…

Date: March 1914
Medical document for Yussif [illegible, Akroosh?] indicating the treatment of trachoma infection. The document also states that while it is given on board a ship it did not guarantee acceptance at either a boarding or landing port. It was signed in…

A handwritten letter in Arabic and English, certifying Sadie Aboushan's age as 16 years and three months. The letter states that she was born on June 3, 1897 and was baptized on June 20, 1897. The letter also provides the name of Sadie's father,…

Date: circa 1913
Passport for Rashid Abdelnour, valid for one year. The name on the passport is Rashid Elias Mawad. The travel date is listed as October 27, 1913 and the arrival as November 14, 1913. Within it is written that his age was 18, his father's name was…

Date: Unknown
Turkish certificate with unknown contents, likely a birth certificate.

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Date: Unknown
A copy of a photo of the Mokarzel sisters. From left to right, Yemna, Lila and Mary. The photo was taken between 1960 and 1979.
Mokarzel 2-1-2-31 Sisters_wm.jpg

Date: Unknown
A photograph of Mary Farris as a young woman, sitting on a stone bench in front of a painted wall.
Mary Farris_wm.jpg

Date: circa 1920
A photograph of a young Mary Farris (center) with two unidentified friends. Though undated, the photograph was likely taken in the 1920s in Vicksburg, MI.
Mary Farris Friends_wm.jpg

Date: Unknown
A photograph of Abe and Zelpha Farris and their daughter, Mary, standing outside in front of a stone wall.
Zelpha Farris_wm.jpg

Date: Unknown
Caption from donor: "Abe Farris, Jim Angelo’s grandfather." The photograph depicts Farris standing on a sidewalk in front of a deli, an American flag in the foreground. Presumably taken in Vicksburg, Mississippi.
Abe Farris_wm.jpg

Date: 1906
Caption from donor: "Postcard of the Adriatic, the ship on which Jim Angelo’s family arrived at Ellis Island."
Adriatic Postcard_wm.jpg
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