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Date: 1960s
Article from "This Week's Salute" in The Raleigh Times (Women's World section) about Nell Mettrey Kahdy's teaching career and style.

Date: undated
Article in The Raleigh Times, "Around the world in 80 ways," about Nell Kahdy's teaching career and how she began the annual European trip for students. Likely published in the 1970s or 1980s.

Article with photos from January 13, 1962, in The Raleigh Times about the trip and itinerary for the European school trip Nell Kahdy would be leading that summer. A small photograph of Nell is in the corner, likely a passport photo.

Date: circa 1960s
Article titled "Students Strike Out on Their Own" in The Raleigh Times. The article quotes Nell Kahdy regarding an independent study program. Most likely published in the 1960s.
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