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Date: 1913 June 18
An application for employment certificate for Najeb Mansur created on June 18, 1913. It lists his residence as 161 Elm St., birthdate as November 17, 1895, and other personal information. It lists his future employer as Pacific Mills.

Date: 1920 Sept 7
A promise of employment certificate filled out on September 7, 1920, promising employment for James Kalil at Pacific Mills as a Sewing Machine Tender. On the reverse side is a signed physician's certificate of health.

Date: 1912 Oct 25
An application for employment certificate for Abdo Kalil to work at Pacific Mills for G. M. Towers, filed on October 25, 1912. It lists his residence as 353 Commerce St., birthplace as Syria, and birthdate as 1894.

Date: 1913 Sept
A record created on September 29, 1913, confirming Rachel Haddad's promise of employment at Pacific Mills, at #10 mill, doing the job of doffing. It is signed by the mill's manager, H.H. Prompton. On the back is a physician's certificate of health,…

Date: 1913 May 15
An application for certificate for employment for George Gald issued on May 15, 1913. It provides his residence, 292 Oak St., date of birth, May 12, 1895, and potential employer, Pacific Mills. It was signed by the mill's overseer, H.I. Steele.

Date: 1913 May 22
An application for employment certificate for Michael (Makoul) Fleihan created on May 22, 1913. It lists his residence as 329 Oak St., and birthdate as January 12, 1897. It also lists his potential employer as Pacific Mills and is signed by the…
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