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Date: 1921
A letter written in French addressed as a Circular to all of the L Sisters. The letter states: "The respectable L. Les Amis du progrès (Friends of Progress) order of Mansourah work under the auspice of the Great Orient of France, issues Nasri…


Date: 1921
Receipts paid to the "les amis du progrès" order of Freemasons in Mansourah. The document states that Nasir Fuleihan's payment to the "till" was received for subscription. One of the stubs is from 22 April 1921 for an amount of 30 and the other is…

Date: 1921
Billet de Passe (Ticket of Passing) from the French Mason lodge "Les Amis du progrès," order of Mansourah. Certifies that Nasri L. Fuleihan has the first rank and is an active member of Les Amis du progrès. It is dated April 13, 1921.

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