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Contract for transport by sea for Murad Razouk [45] and his family. His family consisted of his 2 sons Hami [25], Navrah [16], a child named Malaheh [3], and a baby named Razouk [2]. The back of the document states that he was Syrian, was travelling…

Date: August 1910
This record, produced in Marseille, France, on August 25, 1910, gives information about Kalil Joseph Assid's immigration in 1910. It provides his age as 17, and birthdate as August 8, 1903. The back of the document gives information about him: he…

Date: October 1912
This record, produced in Marsille, France on October 24, 1912, gives information about the immigration of Nassib Assad. It provides his age as 17, his birthdate as 1895, and immigration date as October 24, 1912. The back of the document states that…
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