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Date: 1896-10-10
A letter of thanks written to Tobia Attallah for his well wishes to the Queen for the wellbeing of her son, written by the Queen of Spain's secretary on October 10, 1896.

Date: 1897-04-16
An envelope addressed to Mr. Fares Abdallah Karam. Postmarked April 16, 1897 and sent from San Antonio, Texas. In Arabic, it asks to be routed to Beirut and then Amsheet, Lebanon.

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Date: 1899-01-31
A shipping bill to Father Tobia Attallah, dated January 31, 1899. The company is Cammionage de Chemin de Fer de Paris et Lyon et la Méditerranée. The communication informs Attallah that a shipment for him will be leaving Marseilles on February 2.

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Date: 1900-05-10
A handwritten receipt signed by Anton and Sons, dated May 10, 1900. Informing receipt of only 4 French francs (liras, as written in receipt) from Father Tobia Attallah, for the price of [bricks].

Date: 1903
A handwritten receipt of several payments from:
deceased Youssef [Joseph] Neja Abu Kahle, 5575 francs, 1903.
deceased Youssef Mousa Abu Kahle, 5000 Canadian francs, 1905.
Father Tobia Attallah, and Father Butrus [last name not clear].

Date: 1908
A note that includes details of money and names of beneficiaries dated 1908.

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Date: 1909-12-31
A letter written by Elias Nassif sending his greetings to Father Tobia Attallah and family, and asking him about a newpaper the latter was to issue, and requesting a copy of the newspaper. Locations mentioned: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Buenos Aires.…

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Date: 1911-06-15
A letter to Father Tobia from Father Tobia al-Issa. The latter sends his condolences for the death of [alkhouria]. Also mentioned [right page] that attached with this letter 50 francs from Father Tobia dated, June 15, 1911 and sent from Rome.

Date: 1912-08-13
A letter to Father Tobia Attallah from Mansour Elias AlBitar. Mansour informs Father Tobia of the birth of his son but with a medical/physical condition, he was born without [anus], and underwent several operations. Mansour asks Father Tobia if he…

Date: 1913-05-24
A letter to Father Tobia from Father Tobia al-Issa. Issa thanks Father Tobia for sendiing three books, including the Quran. Also mentioned: Father Bolus, check of 200 francs, Mr. Haleem Abi Karam in Beirut. Dated May 24, 1913 sent from Livorno,…

Date: 1913-09-06
A letter from [illegible name] informing Father Tobia that some subscriptions are not paid, and enlisting those paid. Dated September 6, 1913, French Guinea.

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Date: 1913-09-16
A letter from Father Emmanuel who sends his greetings and best wishes to Father Tobia, and apologizes for a late reply due to inavailability of a trustworthy messenger, but not mentioning what it is or what for. Dated September 16, 1913.

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Date: 1914-08-16
A letter to Father Tobia from his cousin Raul Attallah. Raul informs Father Tobia that he found 3700 [rials] in the French bank, but all banks are closed. The news/situation where Raul is is very bad due to war and no travel is allowed. For those…

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Date: 1919-02-13
A letter from Father Bassil who sends his greetings and best wishes, and thanks Father Tobia for his welcome when Bassil was in Beit Chabeb. Bassil informs Father Tobia that he arrived in Carcassonne and started working in the school. He also…

Date: 1919-05-17
A letter to Father Tobia Attallah from Elias Nassif. Elias asks father Tobia about the situation in Lebanon following the end of WWI, and specially the situation in Beit Chabeb, and to write him the names and number of those who died in Beit Chabeb.…

Date: 1919-07-22
A letter from Father Bassil who sends his greetings and wishes, and attach herewith 285 francs donations for 285 masses. Dated July 22, 1919, Carcassonne, France.

Date: 1919-10-16
A letter from Father Bassil who asks about confirmation of receipt of 285 francs sent earlier, and sends herewith 400 francs donations of masses. Dated October 16, 1919, Carcassonne, France.

Date: 1919-10-18
A letter from Father Bassil which includes donations of several masses to Father Tobia. Dated October 18 (28), 1919, Carcassonne, France.

Date: 1919-12-18
A letter from Father Bassil who thanks Father Tobia for his letters about Lebanon, and includes in the letter donations of 300 francs and informs Father Tobia that he will send more soon. Dated December 18, 1919, Carcassonne, France.

Date: 1920s
This is a second page of a letter, page one is missing. The page has two sections:
top: from Yahia Mansour. sending his and his cousin greetings [Melekeh].
botton: from Asaad alKhouri. thank Yahia Mansour and Melekeh for their welocme and…

Date: 1920-02-12
A letter from Father Issa who informs Father Attallah that he recieved the latter's letter but without the money receipt requested and reminds him to send it again along with the written format. Dated February 12, 1920, Livorno, Italy.

Date: 1920-04-06
A letter from Elias Etala asking Father Tobia about his newspaper 'alHaq', and waiting for his copy to send him the list of subscribers. Also mentions that Lebanese abroad were happy to know that the Lebanese flag was placed in [Saraya Baabda]. Elias…

Date: 1920-06-01
A letter from Father Issa who informs Father Tobia that he received a money receipt. Father Issa mentions that he will write to those who requested alcohol and sent 330 francs donations from 168 masses and requested its receipt. Dated June 1, 1920,…

Date: 1920-10-03
A letter from Father Bassil who informs Father Tobia that he got new position in College Stanislas in Paris. Also he sends 1200 francs donations of 600 masses, and notifies Father Tobia that the alcohol/wine box arrived to Marseille, but customs…

Date: 1921-02-19
A letter from Father Issa who informs Father Tobia that he is sending 545 francs out of 1090 francs to be sent later as donations of several masses. Dated February 19, 1921, Livorno, Italy.
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