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Date: August 1913
A Minor's Cetificate of Literacy for Mary Sign created on August 19, 1913. It indicates that she lived at 99 Valley St., was more than 16 years old, and was born December 28, 1894 in Syria. It also confirms that she could read and write legibly. On…

Date: January 1912
A letter from E. J. Cate, Truant Officer for Lawrence Public Schools written on January 4, 1912. It requests the opinion of Dr. J. H. Bannon on the age of Jennie Salem. It lists her birthdate as December 27, 1895, although he questions it. On the…

Date: January 1923
A temporary employment certificate granted by Lawrence Department of Public Schools, valid for employment of Faries Corey until his passport arrives, confirming his age. It provides Faries's address, 407 Elm Street and was issued January 26, 1923. It…
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