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Date: 1918 Aug 28
A handwritten letter in Arabic. Confirms the baptism of Malecha (Maleka) AlDebis on November 10, 1893. Written by Fr. Basile Nahas on August 28, 1918.

Date: 1905
A baptismal record for Elias Shaia, certifying his date of birth as January 14, 1905, and his date of baptism as February 20, 1905. It lists his father's name as Mikle Shaia, his mother's name as Habouba Hable, and their address as 323 Elm St. His…

Date: 1912 Sept 12
A letter from Basile Nahas, written on September 12, 1912, certifying that Bashir [Bashiri] Simon was baptized on June 5, 1907. The letter was written on behalf of Kathkfa Simon on the request of her husband, George Simon, who was going to New York.…

Date: 1917 May 14
A note created on May 14, 1917, handwritten and stamped on the top and the bottom with the name of Basile Nahas, Pastor of St. Joseph's Church, 293 Oak St., Lawrence, Mass. It confirms that Kareem Smaho, son of John Smaho Wadish, was born May 25,…

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