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Biographical/Historical Note

Al-Bayan, البيان [The Explanation] was a weekly Arabic newspaper published by Suleiman Baddour out of Brooklyn, New York. The newspaper started in 1911 and lasted until 1967.

Al-Bayan primarily had a Druze readership and was one of the few means of communication across the Druze community. After Baddour died in 1941, the newspaper was moved to Washington, D.C. and was owned by Ameen David Fayad in 1946. Raji Daher bought the paper in 1950 and moved it back to New York in 1953, combining it with the weekly Arabic newspaper As-Sayeh (produced by Abd al-Masih Haddad) and Mira’at Al-Gharb (the second oldest Arabic newspaper in the United States founded by Najeeb Diab). Al-Bayan was moved into a two-room space at 139 Atlantic Avenue, in the heart of Brooklyn’s “Little Syria,” where it operated utilizing two Linotype machines and a small press.

Scope/Contents Note

Al-Bayan Newspapers collection includes issues dating from January 24 1911-January 22 1916, January 25 1917-July 31 1926, and January 25-December 31 1938.

To access the fully searchable digitized issues of the newspaper, search the Khayrallah Center's Arabic Newspaper database.


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1911-1926 and 1938


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