al-Majalla al-Tijarriya [The Syrian-American Commercial Magazine]


al-Majalla al-Tijarriya [The Syrian-American Commercial Magazine]


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Al-Majalla al-Tijarriya [المجلة التجارية], or The Syrian-American Commercial Magazine, was an Arabic-language monthly journal published under this title by Salloum A. Mokarzel from 1918 to 1926.

The journal evolved from al-Alam al-Jadid [The New World], published between 1909 and 1918. The origins of this journal are somewhat unclear; it appears to have been founded by Mokarzel by Mokarzel with the involvement of Khalil Aswad. At some point, it may have been sold to Afifa Karm, who continued publishing it under this title. The journal returned to Mokarzel and was published by the Syrian-American Press from December 1918 until June 1926. With the exception of several December issues, the journal was published monthly between January and November.

The last iteration of the journal was heavily shaped by Salloum Mokarzel's interest in domestic and international trade and commerce. Under Mokarzel's editorialship, the magazine was--according to its tagline--"devoted to the promotion of commercial relations between America and the Arabic-speaking peoples throughout the world." Subscriptions were offered both within the United States and across the globe, and many of the articles were aimed to promote transnational commerce.

Scope and Contents
The Khayrallah Center has all issues of The Syrian-American Commercial Magazine from December 1918 to June 1926. The journal is published in Arabic, with an English-language index of titles included in each issue. The journal articles include:
  • articles about Syrian and Lebanese commercial endeavors around the world
  • profiles of individual businesses owned by Syrians
  • analyses of the commercial potential of various countries and commodities
  • information about technological developments for various industries
  • news about financial and commercial developments both domestically and internationally
  • articles about the various economic impacts of World War I and the ongoing investment for rebuilding Europe
  • advertisements for Syrian/Lebanese-owned businesses, particularly in New York City but representing other cities in America as well. 

Note on Access
Note: A selection of the journal is available freely on the archive. If you are interested in accessing the remainder for non-commercial use, please contact us.


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Alternative Title

Al Majallah Al-Tijariyeh
المجلة التجارية

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al-Majalla al-Tijarriya [The Syrian-American Commercial Magazine]