These collections contain historic documents. Many of the items in this collection are digitized versions of governmental or legal documents. These collections also contain documents and reports related to institutional or organizational records. This category includes records related to churches, civic societies, and charitable organizations. Researchers interested in accessing more government documents should search Family Collections, which often have documents owned by particular families.

Additionally, the Khayrallah Center offers a searchable database of census information that we have gathered on Lebanese Americans. We have collected over 300,000 records of Lebanese immigrants from the US Census spanning the years 1900 through 1940. Because of the size of this collection, individual documents are not available for online browsing, however, you can search these records by name, town, state, and other criteria.

If you have additional information about a society or an individual that you would like to share, or if you have questions about the material in these collections, please contact us.


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