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Biographical/Historical Note

Al-Jawater, الخواطر [Reflections] was an Arabic newspaper produced in Mexico City, Mexico from 1909 to 1935. The newspaper was created by José Saleh Helú, a Lebanese poet and journalist who wrote in both Arabic and Spanish.

José Helú brought the first Arabic printing press to Mexico and used it to found the country’s first Lebanese periodical. Al-Jawater was published primarily in Arabic until 1927. Under the supervision of José Helú’s son, Antonio Helú (the Mexican screenwriter and film director), Al-Jawater began to be published twice a month in both Spanish and Arabic. The end of the newspaper coincided with José Helú’s death in 1935.

José Saleh Helú was born in 1872 and married Wadiha Atta (1883-1941). The two immigrated to Mexico at the end of the 19th century and eventually settled in Mexico City. In 1922, José Helú founded a literary salon, Lebanese League (Liga Libanesa; later renamed to La Unión Libanesa de México in 1937), which met in the center of the city. José Helú and Wadiha Atta had at least two children, Antonio Helú (1900-1972) and Doña Linda Helú (1902-1984). José Helú passed away in 1935.

Scope/Contents Note

Al-Jawater Newspapers collection includes issues dating from April 1917 to June 1935.

To access the fully searchable digitized issues of the newspaper, search the Khayrallah Center's Arabic Newspapers database.


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