Diogo Bercito Book Collection


Diogo Bercito Book Collection


A collection of 18 books regarding Syrian and Lebanese immigration to Brazil. The books date between 1929 and 2011 and are written in Portuguese or Arabic.


Diogo Bercito


Moise A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies



Table Of Contents

These books are not available online, but may be available to researchers upon request. Please contact us at kcldsarchive@ncsu.edu for further information regarding access. Here is a full inventory of the books with short descriptions provided by Diogo Bercito:

  • Shukri al-Khoury. Histoire de Finianos: Recit en Arabe Dialectal du Liban / قصة فنيانوس 1929. Beirut, Lebanon. History of Finianos: Story in Lebanese Dialectal Arabic. Qisat Finiyanus. --One of the first books published in Arabic in Latin America. The first edition came out in 1902. Shukri al-Khoury was a prominent Lebanese journalist.

  • Taufik Kurban. Os Sírios E Libanezes no Brasil. 1933 São Paulo, Brazil. Syrians and Lebanese in Brazil. --One of the first accounts written by a Syrian-Lebanese migrant in Brazil.

  •  محادثات تلفونية بين البرازيل ولبنان Shukri al-Khoury. 1938. São Paulo, Brazil. Conversations between Brazil and Lebanon. Muhadathat telefoniyya bayna al-Brazil wa-Lubnan. --A booklet written in dialectal Arabic. Shukri al-Khoury was a prominent Lebanese journalist living in Brazil.

  • T. Duoun. A Emigração Sirio-Libanesa às Terras de Promissão. 1944. São Paulo, Brazil. Syrian-Lebanese Emigration to the Lands of Promise. --One of the most comprehensive and most cited accounts written by an Arab migrant in Brazil. Duon narrates his life in Lebanon, his migration, and life in the diaspora.

  • Jamil Almansur Haddad. Primavera na Flandres. 1947. Spring in Flandres. --A collection of poems written after World War II.  Jamil Almansur Haddad was an influential poet in Brazil.

  • Salomao Jorge. Album da Colonia Sírio Libanesa no Brasil  1948.  São Paulo, Brazil. An Album of the Syrian-Lebanese Community in Brazil. --A compilation of several articles written about Syrians, Lebanese, and the Syrian-Lebanese diaspora in Brazil. It includes pieces by Tanus Jorge Bastani, Mussa Kuraiem, and Philip K. Hitti, among others.

  • Chafic Maluf. Abkar a Cidade dos Genios. 1949. São Paulo, Brazil. Abkar the City of Jinns. --An epic poem. Chafiq Maluf was one of the most prominent poets of the Brazilian mahjar.

  • Clark S. Knowlton. Sírios e Libaneses. 1960. São Paulo, Brazil. Syrians and Lebanese. --A Portuguese edition of the research Clark Knowlton conducted in the 1950s in São Paulo for his dissertation. He was one of the first scholars to study the Arab migration to Brazil.

  • Mansour Challita. A Literatura Árabe: Fonte de Beleza e de Sabedoria. 1962. Brazil. Arab Literature: Source of Beauty and Wisdom-- A short summary of the history of Arabic literature. Born in Colombia and raised in Lebanon, Mansour Chalita lived in Brazil most of his life.

  • Wadih Safady. Cenas e Cenários Dos Caminhos de Minha Vida. 1966. São Paulo, Brazil. Scenes and Scenarios of the Ways of My Life. --An early account of Syrian-Lebanese migration to Brazil. 

  • Assis Feres. O Mascate. 1970. São Paulo, Brazil. The Peddler. --A poem about a peddler in Brazil. Assis Feres was born in Brazil from a Lebanese family.

  • Jorge S. Safady. A Imigração Árabe no Brasil Volume 1. 1972. São Paulo, Brazil. Arab Immigration to Brazil Volume 1. --An account written by a Syrian-Lebanese migrant in Brazil. The historian Jorge Safady was an immigrant from Zahle.

  • Slimane Zeghidour. A Poesia Árabe Moderna e o Brasil. 1982. São Paulo, Brazil. Modern Arab Poetry and Brazil --A booklet authored by the Algerian Slimane Zeghidour. It includes information on the Arabic press and literature in Brazil.

  • Claude Fahd Hajjar. Imigração Árabe 100 Anos de Reflexão. 1985. São Paulo, Brazil. Arab Immigration 100 Years of Reflection. --Published to celebrate the centennial of Arab migration to Brazil, this was one of the first comprehensive works on the subject. Claude Fahd Hajjar migrated from Lebanon.

  • Emil Farhat. Dinheiro na Estrada: Uma saga de imigrantes. 1987 São Paulo, Brazil. Money on the Road: A saga of immigrants. --A fictitious account by Emil Farhat. It takes place in the north of Brazil, where Lebanese migrants work in the construction of a railroad.

  • Oswaldo Mario Serra Truzzi. Patrícios Sírios e Libaneses em São Paulo. 1995 São Paulo, Brazil. Syrian and Lebanese patricians in São Paulo. --The most comprehensive work on Syrian-Lebanese migration to Brazil. 

  • دروب مهاجر من عين عطا إلى برازيليا Amador de Arimathéa. 2009. Brasilia/Goiânia, Brazil. Paths of an Immigrant: From 'Ayn 'Atta to Brasilia. Duroub Muhajir min 'Ayn 'Atta ila Barazilia. -- The story of Mohamed Khodr, a Druze migrant who participated in the construction of Brasilia.

  • Samira Adel Osman. Imigração Árabe no Brasil: Histórias de Vida de Libaneses Muçulmanos e Cristãos. 2011 São Paulo, Brazil. Arab Immigration in Brazil: Life Stories of Lebanese Muslims and Christians.-- A recent work of oral history comparing the experiences of men/women and Christians/Muslims. 

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Diogo Bercito Book Collection