Romey: Correspondence Carlton


Romey: Correspondence Carlton


In the aftermath of Nola Romey's lynching and Hasna Romey's death at the hands of policemen, many concerned citizens of Lake City, Florida as well as members of the Syrian community wrote to Florida's governor with complaints about how the investigation was being handled and spoke to a deeper level of lawlessness and corruption among their law enforcement officials and local leaders.

Doyle E. Carlton was governor of Florida from January 1929 to January 1933. While on a surface level Carlton responded to the concerns of his constituents, he ultimately reinforced a dysfunctional circle whereby he forwarded complaints about Columbia County Sheriff Wiley "Babe" Douglass to be investigated by Lake City Chief of Police, John F. Baker, and he forwarded complaints about Baker to Douglass despite other complaints that the two men often supported one another.



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