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Romey: Corruption

Surrounding the context of the lynching of Nola Romey and the murder of Hasna Romey at the hands of police, was a context of deeper corruption and… Date_AnonymousOnBakersPlacewm.pdf

Romey: Correspondence Carlton

In the aftermath of Nola Romey's lynching and Hasna Romey's death at the hands of policemen, many concerned citizens of Lake City, Florida as well as… Date_Letter to Gov re special detective for Romey casewm.jpg

Rabil Family

This collection was donated by [Mitchell] Carter and Stephen Carter Rabil. It contains material related to their branch of the Rabil family who…

Contributors: Carter Rabil, Collection description written by Claire A. Kempa

Carter Rabil-baseball.jpg

Raad Family

Materials provided by George and Patricia Raad, 1984-2009 and undated.INTRODUCTION This collection contains materials contributed by George and…

Contributors: George and Patricia Raad, Collection description written by Claire A. Kempa


Publisher: The Syrian-American Press & Al-Hoda Press

This collection contains full texts and excerpts published by the Syrian-American Press.The Syrian-American Press was established by Salloum Mokarzel…

al hoda book_sm_wm.pdf

Publisher: Miscellaneous

This collection contains books published by miscellaneous authors and publishers based in the United States; these are books which we have only one…

1904_Sarkis_United Hearts in the United States.pdf

Primary Source Archive for The Nola and Hasna Romey Project

In the early morning hours of Friday, May 17th, 1929, a Lebanese immigrant was lynched in Lake City, Florida. He was shot multiple times and left to…

North Carolina Newspapers

This collection is comprised of newspaper clippings from Wilmington papers that refer to Syrians that ranges from 1877 to 1942, and local newspapers…


Newspapers and Journals

These collections contain historic newspapers and journals.The collections in this group consist two main categories. The first are digitizations of…

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Naturalization Documents

Introduction The Petitions of Naturalization consists of several documents that reflect the process of immigrants to gain citizenship to the United…

selwan, abdallah chekeri_ocr_wm.pdf

Nasrallah Family

Materials provided by Noha Nasrallah.Biography Noha Nasrallah was born in Lebanon on November 22, 1956. She was educated at Lebanese University in…

Contributors: Noha Nasrallah, Collection description written by Claire A. Kempa


Nagib T. Abdou

Introduction Dr. Nagib Tannous Abdou was born in Baskinta, located in modern-day Lebanon, on February 10, 1876. Around 1892, he left the Levant for…

Contributors: Collection description written by Claire A. Kempa


Moussa/Abdulbaki Family

Materials provided by Narges Moussa for Moussa family and Abdulbaki family, 1967-2011 and undated.

Narges was born in Joub Jannine in the Beqaa…


Moses Family

This collection represents three  families who lived in  Valdosta, Georgia and  Lake City, Florida.  Items were donated  by two  granddaughters of …

Contributors: Teresa Bishop Angove; Sandra Moses Ryland

Mokarzel Family

Introduction Naoum Antoun Mokarzel (1864-1932) and Salloum Antoun Mokarzel (1881-1952) were influential intellectuals who immigrated to the United…

Contributors: Collection description written by Claire A. Kempa

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Miscellaneous Collections

These collections contain materials that predominantly come from a single community, organization, or collective and tend to have a provenance from…


Mira’at al-Gharb [Mirror of the West]

Introduction Mira’at al-Gharb, [Mirror of the West], was one of the longest-running Arabic newspapers in the United States, published from 1899 until…

Contributors: Collection description written by Claire A. Kempa

Mikhail Asad Rustum

Introduction Mikhail Asad Rustum [al-Rustum] was an early Arab-American author born in the mid-nineteenth century in what is today Lebanon. He…

Contributors: Collection description written by Claire A. Kempa

Diwan al-Ghareeb fi al-Gharb 1909 Volume 2wm.pdf

Matthews Family

Images donate by Trey Matthews. Contains images from the Safy and Rabil families.Introduction This collection contains images and documents pertaining…

U.S. PassportApplication - George J Safy - 1904_wm.jpg

Mansour Family

Materials provided by Eddie, Ernie and Virginia Mansour, 1926-1974 and undated.Introduction This collection contains images and documents pertaining…

Contributors: Virginia Mansour, Collection description written by Claire A. Kempa

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