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Kawkab Amirka, كوكب أمريكا, Vol. 1, no. 50. Articles in English in this issue include: a description by an English soldier of four months spent in Afghanistan; an overview of Persian literature; a description of Ottoman soldiers' traits;…
kawkab amirka_vol 1 no 50_mar 24 1893_wmc.pdf

Volume 1, No. 15 of كوكب أمريكا, Kawkab Amirka. Articles in English include a discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of American missionaries in Syria, criticism of an article which disapproved of the Kawkab's approval of the Turkish…
kawkab amrika_vol 1 no 15_july 22 1892_wmc.pdf

A photograph labeled "Moise Khayrallah cooks turkey for the first time."