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A photo of a mountainous landscape in Lebanon. The caption on the back reads "The road to Saint Charbel." (Folder 2-1-8-9)
Mokarzel 2-1-8-9 Landscape_wm.tif

A journal kept by Mary Mokarzel during her trip to Lebanon to repatriate her father's remains. She writes about gifts received, cities visited, and conversations had with people such as President Camille Chamoun and a Patriarch.
(Folder 2-1-4-9)
Mokarzel 2-1-4-9 Diary_wm.pdf

Yemna Mokarzel's old passport, in which she obtained a visa to visit Lebanon. (Folder 2-1-3-32)
Mokarzel 2-1-3-32 Passport_wm.pdf

A photo of Mrs. Betar of El Mina and Mrs. Rottle of Baskinta "on their way to Lebanon with Mrs. Mary Saloum" of El Mina. (Folder 1-2-3-3)
Mokarzel 1-2-3-3 Women_wm.pdf

A photo taken by Rev. Al Maloof of people in the Beirut International Airport. The photos in this folder were intended for publication by Salloum Mokarzel. (Folder 1-2-1-40)
Mokarzel 1-2-1-40 Customs_wm.tif

Joseph El-Khouri's bill for his four-day stay at the Hotel Sir Walter in Raleigh, NC (Folder 4-8).
Khouri 4-8 Bill_wm.tif