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A copy of a letter from Peter Tanous to Fares Stephen reacting to an article published in Al-Hoda about the American Task Force for Lebanon. (Folder 2-4-2-14)
Mokarzel 2-4-2-14 Letter_wm.pdf

A draft of a letter from Mary Mokarzel to an unidentified relation concerning misunderstandings about family business. Information on the branch of the family she was writing to is linked below. (Folder 2-2-2-1)
Mokarzel 2-2-2-1 Letter_wm.pdf

A press pass for Yemna Mokarzel signed by Mary Mokarzel. (Folder 2-1-3-20)
Mokarzel 2-1-3-20 Press_wm.pdf

A copy of a letter from Mary Mokarzel to Helen Samhan concerning the Mokarzel tomb and property in Freike, Lebanon and the donation of Al-Hoda microfilm to the NY public library. (Folder 1-8-1-52)
Mokarzel 1-8-1-52 Letter_wm.tif

A letter from Eva Malik to Mary Mokarzel concerning the tea party given for her at Mary's New York apartment. Photos of the tea party are linked below. (Folder 1-8-1-24)
Mokarzel 1-8-1-24 Letter_wm.pdf

A copy of a speech written by Helen Samhan praising her aunt Mary Mokarzel to be given at the October 1987 Arab American Institute Leadership Conference. (Folder 1-8-1-2)
Mokarzel 1-8-1-2 Speech Draft_wm.pdf

A letter from Helen Samhan concerning the planning of the Al-Hoda Centennial found in an envelope with notes by Mary Mokarzel concerning the Centennial, including a short draft of her autobiography. (Folder 1-7-1-13)
Mokarzel 1-7-1-13 Miscellany_wm.pdf

A letter, reservation form, and ad subscription form that was sent to the invitees of the Al-Hoda Diamond Jubilee. (Folder 1-7-1-5)
Mokarzel 1-7-1-5 Miscellany_wm.pdf

A small card advertising the Lebanese Mahrajan of 1959. with notes on the back.
(Folder 1-7-1-1)
Mokarzel 1-7-1-1- Advertisement_wm.pdf

An empty envelope which references other items in the collection, but which was found empty. (Folder 1-6-1-4)
Mokarzel 1-6-1-4 Notes_wm.tif

Documents giving Mary Mokarzel the right to conduct business under the name of the Lebanese American Journal. (Folder 1-6-1-3)
Mokarzel 1-6-1-3 Certificate_wm.pdf

A ledger with notes and recommendations filled out by the accountant for Al-Hoda and the Lebanese American Journal, likely Jack Mints. (Folder 1-5-1-20)
Mokarzel 1-5-1-20 Income Statement_wm.pdf

A letter from John Kourbage to Mary Mokarzel concerning the old Lebanese American Journal. The document mentioned in the letter is linked below. (Folder 1-5-1-11)
Mokarzel 1-5-1-11 Letter_wm.pdf

A directory for the statement of ownership, management, and circulation for the Lebanese American Journal by Mary Mokarzel. (Folder 1-5-1-10)
Mokarzel 1-5-1-10 Statement_wm.tif

Letters from Joan Kord of Doubleday & Company, Inc. to Mary Mokarzel concerning copyright on recipes that had been printed in the Lebanese American Journal. (Folder 1-5-1-6)
Mokarzel 1-5-1-6 Letters_wm.pdf

A booklet detailing the history of Al-Hoda and the Mokarzel family. The Centennial, celebrated in the Museum of the city of NY, marked the 100th year of the publication of Al-Hoda. (Folder 1-3-1-1)
Mokarzel 1-3-1-1 Booklet_wm.pdf

A letter from Lily Szegoe (Mary Mokarzel's cousin in Lebanon) concerning where to donate the Mokarzel Library. (Folder 1-1-6-18)
Mokarzel 1-1-6-18 Letter_wm.pdf
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