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Notes by Helen Samhan concerning the Mokarzel property in Freike. (Folder 2-4-2-5)
Mokarzel 2-4-2-5 Notes_wm.pdf

Emails between Helen Samhan and attorney Elya Haber setting up a meeting to discuss the Mokarzel land in Freike, Lebanon. Included are notes by Helen Samhan on the meeting and the land situation. (Folder 2-4-2-3)
Mokarzel 2-4-2-3 Emails_wm.pdf

A letter from Nasri Lebbos Bejjani to Helen Samhan concerning the transfer of power of attorney to the Mokarzel realtions in Freike and informaton about "Mokarzel ancestors." Included is a timeline of a 1981-2010 timeline of the Freike land…
Mokarzel 2-4-2-2 Email_wm.pdf

An email from Helen Samhan to attorney Elya Haber requesting that he look over her report of the status of the Mokarzel land in Freike. (Folder 2-4-2-1)
Mokarzel 2-4-2-1 Email_wm.pdf

A letter from accountant Milton Cohen to Mary Mokarzel concerning the financial gain and liability related to a potential sale of property. (Folder 1-6-1-5)
Mokarzel 1-6-1-5 Letter_wm.pdf

A deed of sale showing property purchased by Mary Mokarzel from Marmura, Inc. Included is the property transfer tax return. (Folder 1-6-1-2)
Mokarzel 1-6-1-2 Deed_wm.pdf

Bills for water and real estate taxes from a range of years to be paid by Al-Hoda. (Folder 1-5-1-14)
Mokarzel 1-5-1-14 Bills_wm.pdf

A bill for the New York City taxes on the Al-Hoda building in Manhattan. (Folder 1-5-1-4)
Mokarzel 1-5-1-4 Bill_wm.pdf

A copy of a letter from attorney Abe Siegel to Mary Mokarzel concerning financial and legal matters related to Al-Hoda. (Folder 1-4-1-42)
Mokarzel 1-4-1-42 Letter_wm.tif

A letter from the Bibliotheque Orientale confirming the acceptance of Mary's donation of the Mokarzel Library, valuing it at $9000. (Folder 1-1-6-12)
Mokarzel 1-1-6-12 Valuation Letter_wm.tif

A letter from Rev. John Williams of the University of St. Joseph to accountant Irving Yellin concerning information related to Mary Mokarzel's donation of the Mokarzel Library. (Folder 1-1-6-9)
Mokarzel 1-1-6-9 Letter_wm.tif

A letter from John J. Williams of the University of St. Joseph to Mary Mokarzel concerning Lilly Szegoe's health as well as Mary's donation and tax exemption. Mary's reply is linked below. (Folder 1-1-6-8)
Mokarzel 1-1-6-8 Update Letter_wm.tif

A copy of a letter from Mary Mokarzel to John Williams of the University of St. Joseph concerning Lilly Szegoe's illness and Mary's tax exemption. (Folder 1-1-6-7)
Mokarzel 1-1-6-7 Reply Letter_wm.tif

Letters from Joseph Paquet of Jesuit Foreign Missions and Martin McDermott of the Biblotheque Orientale concerning Mary Mokarzel's donation of the Naoum and Salloum Library. (Folder 1-1-6-6)
Mokarzel 1-1-6-6 Letters_wm.pdf

A letter from William Raftery of Jesuit Foreign Missions to Mary Mokarzel concerning her donation of the Mokarzel Library. (Folder 1-1-6-5)
Mokarzel 1-1-6-5 Letter_wm.pdf

Letter from Rev. Joseph Paquet of Jesit Foreign Missions to Mary Mokarzel concerning tax exemption. (Folder 1-1-6-4)
Mokarzel 1-1-6-4 Letter_wm.pdf