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A journal kept by Mary Mokarzel during her trip to Lebanon to repatriate her father's remains. She writes about gifts received, cities visited, and conversations had with people such as President Camille Chamoun and a Patriarch.
(Folder 2-1-4-9)
Mokarzel 2-1-4-9 Diary_wm.pdf

A letter from Joseph Sfair to Mary Mokarzel thanking her for her letter. (Folder 1-7-1-10)
Mokarzel 1-7-1-10 Letter of Thanks_wm.pdf

Copies of letters from and to Joseph Sfair concerning his family's connection to Al-Hoda and the upcoming Centennial celebration. (Folder 1-7-1-8)
Mokarzel 1-7-1-8 Letters_wm.pdf

A note from Mary Mokarzel to Helen Samhan. (Folder 1-3-2-31)
Mokarzel 1-3-2-31 Letter_wm.pdf

Letters from Joseph Sfair reminiscing and praising Al-Hoda and the Mokarzel family. (Folder 1-3-2-28)
Mokarzel 1-3-2-28 Letters_wm.pdf