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A photo taken by Rev. Al Maloof of a man playing a mijwiz. The caption on the back of the photo is "playing mizwiz." The photos in this folder were intended for publication by Salloum Mokarzel. (Folder 1-2-1-1)
Mokarzel 1-2-1-1 Mizwiz_wm.tif

Maron El-Khouri plays the trumpet along with other children at Joseph El-Khouri's 70th birthday party at the Holiday Inn in Salisbury, NC (Folder 2-34)
Khouri 2-34 Photo_wm.tif

This regular 8 reel was generously donated by Marsha Shiver who received the movie from her, Joseph El-Khouri. The video was taken in Lebanon during a family visit back. This video includes scenes of the El-Khouri family and their extended relatives,…

A snapshot of Beshara Shehdan dancing. Though undated, the photograph was likely taken around 1970.

A photograph of unidentified members of the Ishak family, including a male relative playing the Oud, sitting together beneath a tree.
Ishak_Oud and Family-wm.jpg