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A photo of a group of children posing for a picture. Roger Creighton can be seen third from the bottom.

A photo of a group of children preparing to pose for a picture.

A group portrait of members of the Hammana Club. Though unidentified, the photograph likely contains members of the Kannan, Rabil, and Baddour families.

A group photograph of Raja Khalifah's 1962 graduating class from the American University of Beirut.

A group photograph of Raja Khalifah's father's graduating class.

A group photograph of extended members of the Khalifah family.

Moise (back, far right) and Vera (sitting on far side of couch on the left) at a large gathering of unidentified men, women, and children. The accompanying caption reads: "1988, in Cary, NC, large group (MK standing left [sic], Wife sitting with pinkā€¦

A photograph of a group of unidentified women and children from the Ishak family sitting outdoors in Lebanon.
Ishak_Women and Girls 2-wm.jpg
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