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A sealed envelope that was never delivered to Charles Farris. The letter inside was meant to confirm the address of the recipient so that the money they donated to the Al-Hoda Golden Jubilee fund could be returned. (Folder 1-5-1-18)
Mokarzel 1-5-1-18 Envelope_wm.pdf

caption: "Addie Rabil Farris (Deceased, of Rocky Mount), Albert Zahran (of Fayetteville), and Roselie Kannan Zahran." Also present are unidentified individuals in the background and to the left.

The death certificate of Shikrallah Doumit Farris, who died of coronary thrombosis on August 21, 1964.
Findelin_Death Certificate 1964-wm.jpg

A list of the names of members of the Parker and Farris family buried in the Elizabethtown, North Carolina, cemetery, complete with birth and death dates.
Findelin_Family Records in Elizabethtown.jpg