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A photo published in the Andrews Journal of the El-Khouri family reunion in Charlotte. (Folder 12-6)
Khouri 12-6 Clipping_wm.tif

A photograph of Abe and Zelpha Farris and their daughter, Mary, standing outside in front of a stone wall.
Zelpha Farris_wm.jpg

A group portrait of the Abed family--Susan, Charlie, and their four children Mira, Erica, Richard, and Sasha--with other unidentified family members.
Abed_family undated_wm.jpg

A group photograph of the Baddour family during Christmas, 2007.
baddour_christmas family photo_2007_wm.jpg

A group photograph of the Baddour family during Christmas, 2007.
baddour_christmas family photo_2007-2_wm.jpg

A photograph of Victoria Alkazin Baddour (center) with her children: Mitchell Baddour (bottom, seated), Philip Baddour (seated beside Victoria), Isabelle Baddour Dixon, Lorraine Baddour Corbett, Evelyn Baddour Mauro, and Mary Baddour Walker (seating…
Baddour_Victoria and children_wm.jpg

A group portrait of the Baddour family. Though undated, the image was probably taken in the 1970s.
Baddour_family photograph_circa 1970s_wm.jpg

A portrait of the Baddour family on a front porch. Though undated, the photograph was likely taken in the 1930s.
Baddour_family photograph_circa 1930s-wm.jpg

A photograph of five unidentified individuals, likely members of the Ishak family, on a small boat.
Ishak_On a Boat-wm.jpg

A picture of Charlie Abed, approximately five-years-old, with unidentified family members.
Abed_charlie during childhood2_wm.jpg

A group portrait of the Abed family taken at an airport. Susan is in the back middle and Charlie is in the back right; the two are surrounded by their four children: Mira, Richard, Sasha, and Erica.
Abed_charlie and family at airport_wm.jpg

A picture from the wedding of Susan Walsh (second from right) and Charlie Abed (second from left) with unidentified relatives.

A portrait of Charlie Abed, age 44, with his four siblings.
abed_charlie with his siblings_wm.jpg

A portrait of Charlie Abed, age six, with his four siblings.
Abed_charlie six with siblings_wm.jpg

Caption from Marsha El-Khouri Shiver: "Cousins in the Fig Trees, Kour," The children are unidentified, though are likely members of the El-Khouri family. Though undated, the image was likely taken in the 1950s or 1960s.

A photograph of Moise (top right) and Vera (bottom right) Khayrallah with two unidentified people and a baby, taken at an undated Christmas in the mid-1990s.

A family photograph depicting Moussa and Yvette Domit and three of their children: Michael, Mark, and Maggie.
Family, 1966_wm.jpg

A photograph of Doumit Ishak with an unidentified female relative.
Ishak_With Female Relative-wm.jpg

A group portrait of unidentified people, many likely cousins or other relations of Joseph El-Khouri, in Kour, Batroun, Lebanon.
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