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Vol. 2 no. 8 of al-Majalla al-Tijarriya contains: a continuation of the Guaranty Trust Company's "Effects of the War on European Neutrals," this time focusing on Spain; reports on the linen industry and the cotton market; an article by Dr. Philip K.…

A photo of Linn Creighton feeding a deer in Richmond Park, London.
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A photo of Phyllis Creighton in Kew Gardens, London. Her brother Linn Creighton stands in the background.

A photo of Phyllis Creighton and a man who is probably her father (Roy Lamont Creighton) in front of the Pagoda at Kew Gardens, London. The film was accidentally pre-exposed to the photo of the Pagoda when the photo of the children (visible at the…
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A photo of Linn, Roger, and Phyllis Creighton on a path in the Royal Botanic Gardens in London.
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A photo of the Creighton children (left to right: Phyllis, Roger, and Linn) feeding a deer in Richmond Park, London.
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Volume 1, No. 17 of كوكب أمريكا, Kawkab Amirka. Articles in English include the conclusion of a discussion on the benefits and drawbacks of American missionaries in Syria, a report on the Cholera epidemic in Russia, criticism of the Syrian…
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