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A photograph of the children from Children's Village S.O.S. on a picnic. Though unidentified, Bearta Al-Chacar Powell and her siblings are likely among them.

A photograph from Bearta Al-Chacar Powell's childhood of unidentified children; the image was likely taken in the Children's Village S.O.S. orphanage.
BeartaPowell_Youngphotos_B&W (1).jpg

Victoria Alkazin Baddour (right) and her older sister Rose Alkazin Reyes. Though undated, the photo was likely taken between 1912 and 1915.
Baddour_victoria and rose and children_undated_wm.jpg

Mitchell Rabil sitting on a coup holding his toddler son Carter.
Carter Rabil_MITCHELL_CARTERRABIL,1956_wm.jpg

A picture of young Charlie Abed, about three-years-old, in Nigeria, where he was born. This picture was used in Abed's childhood passport.
Abed_Charlie in Nigeria aged 3_wm.jpg

An Abed family snapshot identified as "Charlie Abed, Age 5." Though unidentified, the other two people are likely Charlie's mother and sister, and the photograph was perhaps taken in Nigeria, where Charlie spent his early childhood.

Charlie Abed, about age 4-5. Though unidentified, the other individuals in the photograph are likely Charlie's mother and two of his siblings, probably photographed in Nigeria, where Charlie spent his early childhood.
Abed_charlie during childhood_undated_wm.jpg

Charlie Abed playing with his four children Mira, Erica, Richard, and Sasha.
Abed_charlie with four children_sept 1991_wm.jpg

A picture of Charlie Abed, approximately five-years-old, with unidentified family members.
Abed_charlie during childhood2_wm.jpg

A picture of unidentified relatives of Charlie Abed, including a group of five young boys.

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A picture of an unidentified boy standing next to a large tree and bell.
Abed_boy next to tree_wm.jpg

The four Abed children--Mira, Erica, Richard, and Sasha--posing in the cedars of Lebanon.
Abed_children in cedars_wm.jpg

Note from Charles Abed: "1967, in the playground with: Hany Abed, Jon Ferzian, Br. John and Joseph Tannous"
Abed_playing soccer_wm.jpg

A portrait of Charlie Abed, age six, with his four siblings.
Abed_charlie six with siblings_wm.jpg

Unknown young man in uniform holding a small child.

Unknown members of the El-Khouri family posing in the snow.

Unknown members of the El-Khouri family, holding two young girls.

A photograph of Houda Bracewell with her husband Greg and their two children, Stephen and Susana.
bracewell-houda husband and children-wm.jpg

A photograph of unidentified members of the Ishak family climbing a snow-covered mountain in Lebanon.
Ishak_Climbing Mtn-wm.jpg

A photograph of four unidentified girls, members of the Ishak family, outside in front of a view of the coastline of Lebanon.
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