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An article published in the Asheville Citizen-Times concerning Joseph El-Khouri's participation in the North Carolina Small Business Council and his push for changes in NC inventory tax laws. (Folder 12-33)
Khouri 12-33 Article_wm.tif

A cover of Biotechnology Magazine featuring Raja Khalifah and James Wassenberg at work at BioStratum. This special report on Khalifah's work at BioStratum was published in the January 14, 2005 edition of the magazine.

An article, published in the Wall Street Journal, profiling Wael Al-Chakra's position as leader for IBM's Corporate Service Corps, established in 2008 and dedicated to aiding local nonprofits.

The 2008 Historic Mooresville Calendar, which featured archival photographs from Mooresville's history. The month of November was sponsored by John Mack & Sons Department Store and includes photographs of the family and the business.
mack_mooresville calendar_2008_cover_wm.jpg

This self-published volume is a combined travelogue and business directory. It is bilingual, with entries and sections in both Arabic and English. Abdou collected business names and addresses for the directory in his travels and through solicitation.…

A photograph of a bottle of Pyridorin, one of the medicines which Raja Khalifah helped NephroGenex develop for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy.

A short profile of Cecilia Saleh, conducted with the translation help of her son, Sam. The brief interview touches on Cecilia's immigration to the United States and her role in the family business.
saleh_ceclia saleh profile news and observer 2008_ocr_wm.pdf

A fully-searchable pdf version of the original print version of The Syrian Businses Directory.
Syrian-American Business Directory 1908-1909_ocr_wm.pdf

Vol. 1 no. 3 of al-Majalla al-Tijarriya. This issue contains several articles about the impact of World War I on the economy, including a report on German's reentry to the world market by Trade Commissioner Norman L. Anderson. It also includes a…

Vol. 1 no. 5 of al-Majalla al-Tijarriya contains articles on inflation of European currency; the formation of the American Foreign Trade Corporation; the role of New York City in global finance; an article about business ethics; a survey of the…

Vol. 1 no. 6 of al-Majalla al-Tijarriya contains a report on the Sixth American Foreign Trade Convention; an article by Michael Aboussleman on the American Dye Industry; opinions from various American businessmen on post-war prices; a survey of the…

Vol. 1 no. 8 of al-Majalla al-Tijarriya has articles on business ethics; the economic impact of World War I; and part one of a historical article by Dr. Philip Hitti on Syrian merchants trading with the city-state of Genoa in the twelfth century.…

Vol. 1 no. 10 of al-Majalla al-Tijarriya contains several articles focused on the economic impact of World War I and America’s role in European reconstruction; a profile of the Guaranty Trust Company of New York; a history of the Arabic-language…
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