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A photograph of Nassif and Soumaya with two of their children around Christmas.
bracewell-family christmas-wm.jpg

A photograph of young Houda Rizk posing with a life-size doll.
bracewell-houda and doll-wm.jpg

A photograph of Houda Bracewell with her husband Greg and their two children, Stephen and Susana.
bracewell-houda husband and children-wm.jpg

A portrait of young Houda with her mother Soumaya Sokhn, along with an unnamed uncle, cousin, and grandmother.
bracewell-houda and family-wm.jpg

Houda's uncle, sitting with an unidentified woman, in Ras Beirut House, Lebanon.
bracewell-uncle in beirut-wm.jpg

A portrait of Nassif Elias Rizk with his three sons, Elie, Tony, and Michel.
bracewell-houda father and brothers-wm.jpg
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