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A photo of Phyllis Creighton's Kindergarten class. Phyllis can be seen standing to the left of the teachers.

An article in the Durham Morning Herald about the Lebanese Civil War and its effect on the El-Khouri family there. (Folder 12-12)
Khouri 12-12 Article_wm.tif

Winter 1967 or 1968; -on the snow in Lebanon
Grandmother to far right (with head scarf, in her 50s), mom, holding sister, father, brother in front, then aunt-father’s sister, and Narges is on bottom left. They were visiting Beruit, but needed to…

An article about Wael Abou-Chakra published by the Lebanese Arabic-language newspaper Al Mustaqbal in 2008.

النسمات, al-Nasamāt [Breezes], is a collection of essays written by Salma Sa'igh and published in Beirut in 1923.
Salma Sa'igh al-Nasamat_o.pdf

A group photograph of Raja Khalifah's 1962 graduating class from the American University of Beirut.

A photo of a building and surrounding landscape on the campus of AUB.

Passport for Saada Owen [Aoun] [50] who was accompanied by her 2 children Afife [15] and Michael [14]. They were from Lebanon. The passport was issued on May 7, 1921, and used to travel to the United States via France shortly thereafter.

A photo of a building under construction. The building is most likely Van Dyck Hall at the American University of Beirut.

A photo of a group of children that may include the Creighton siblings.

A photo of a kindergarten class. The two blonde children in the back are the younger Creighton siblings, Roger and Phyllis.

A photo of a kindergarten class learning. The younger Creighton siblings, Roger and Phyllis, are in the class.
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