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An article about Wael Abou-Chakra published by the Lebanese Arabic-language newspaper Al Mustaqbal in 2008.

The Arcade Memoirs: Selected Poems 1970-1980 was the first collection of poems by Antoine F. Khater.  Published in Brazil, the poems center on Khater's experience of the Lebanese Civil War and his eventual immigration to Brazil. The poems describe…
Antoine Khater _  poems Binder_wm.pdf

An immigration record, a prepaid ticket good for one year, for Gamelia Samia, issued on February 16, 1914. It shows passage from Beirut, Syria to Lawrence, Massachusetts. It lists Gamelia's age as 17. It was stamped by A.R. Saunders Insurance at 362…

An immigration record, a prepaid ticket good for one year, for Nazrah Samia created on February 16, 1914. It shows Nazra's passage from Beirut, Syria to Lawrence, Massachusetts arriving on February 16, 1914. The cost of the journey is listed as…

An article in the Durham Morning Herald about the Lebanese Civil War and its effect on the El-Khouri family there. (Folder 12-12)
Khouri 12-12 Article_wm.tif

Professional and academic update from Edward M. Shiner, University Program Manager of Lebanese American University to Claude and Marsha Shiver of Hillsborough, N.C.
El-Khouri_Letter to Shivers from Lebanese American University-1.jpg

A studio portrait of an unidentified young woman taken in Beirut, likely in the 1920s. The photograph is mounted on a cardboard mat; the woman is standing on a patterned rug in front of a chair in front of a painted backdrop of trees.

Contract for transportation by sea for Youssef Nassif who was travelling to New York on the Bretagne and was departing on April 29, 1911. He was travelling with his daughter Hafya Nassif [17], and his other child Shekri [11]. On the back of the…

Passport for Saada Owen [Aoun] [50] who was accompanied by her 2 children Afife [15] and Michael [14]. They were from Lebanon. The passport was issued on May 7, 1921, and used to travel to the United States via France shortly thereafter.

International passport of Lamià Boustani [Lamya Bastany], issued in 1920. On the back it is stamped by the American Consulate in Beirut and signed by Frederick Bird on October 30, 1920. Lamia was originially from Lebanon and was born in 1903. It…

A French Republic passport from Beirut, Syria, for Emilie Soliman listing her age as 18 years. It states that she was born in Beirut, her nationality was Syrian, and that she was travelling to Lawrence, MA in the U.S. She was not accompanied by…

A portrait of Yemna Mokarzel. (Folder 2-1-3-2)
Mokarzel 2-1-3-2 Portrait_wm.jpg

A letter from John Williams of the University of St. Joseph to Mary Mokarzel concerning the arrival of the Mokarzel Library in Beirut. (Folder 1-1-6-10)
Mokarzel 1-1-6-10 Update Letter_wm.tif

A handwritten document in both English and Arabic. The English portion lists Mary Jacob's date of birth as September 20, 1893 and date of baptism as September 28, 1893 in Bdadoun, Mount Lebanon. It names her godfather as Yusef Alis Fransis and her…

Yemna Mokarzel's library card for the U. S. I. S. library in Beirut, Lebanon. The card was put in care of Dr. Eugene Szegoe, relative of the Mokarzels. (Folder 2-1-3-27)
Mokarzel 2-1-3-27 Library_wm.jpg

An empty envelope from M. El-Khouri in Beirut, Lebanon to Geo El-Khouri. (Folder 11-25)
Khouri 11-25 Envelope_wm.tif

Certificate of Vaccination for an 18-year-old immigrant given in Marseille, France, on October 1913. The name, written in pencil, is illegible. He departed from Beirut and arrived in Marseille. Created by the Messageries Maritimes a French shipping…

Letter to Joseph Maroun El-Khouri of Andrews, North Carolina from Michel Tohmey of Beirut, Lebanon, postmarked February 23, 1960.
El-Khouri_Letter to Joseph from Lebanon Feb23 1960_1_wm.jpg

Winter 1967 or 1968; -on the snow in Lebanon
Grandmother to far right (with head scarf, in her 50s), mom, holding sister, father, brother in front, then aunt-father’s sister, and Narges is on bottom left. They were visiting Beruit, but needed to…

A letter from Nick Weaver (from the office of Senator Robert Morgan) to Joseph El-Khouri updating him on the status of his brothers' visas. (Folder 11-16)
Khouri 11-16 Letter_wm.pdf
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