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Vol. 3 no. 11 of al-Majalla al-Tijarriya contains: an analysis titled "Egypt's Unfavorable Trade Balance;" "Mr. Vanderlip's plan for a Bank of the United States of Europe;" a piece advising businessmen on how to prepare for the future; a profile of…

Vol. 3 no. 1 of al-Majalla al-Tijarriya contains: an overview of the prospects of economic readjustment in 1921; a report on American bankers' predictions for upcoming economic stability; an evaluation of silk markets' recovery; analysis of economic…

Vol. 2 no. 9 of al-Majalla al-Tijarriya contains: an article on American banks; the second part of Dr. Philip K. Hitti's article on Syrian immigrants and merchants; a report on Mount Lebanon's efforts to implement hydroelectric power; and reports on…
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